I created this page for reference of the books I’ve blogged on Once Upon a Yarn, as well as the other writing I’ve posted here. If you’re new to the concept of blogging a book, it’s basically where I post a chapter of a story I wrote every week or so.


Just for fun, and my own reference, here are the novels I’ve written to date. 🙂

The Yarn Wars: Blogged here in 2013. In a dystopian world where knitters and crocheters are at war, three girls band together to uncover the mystery behind the Yarn Wars. More info here.

Peregrine Island: Clover is stranded at summer camp on a private island when World War III begins, with no way to get to the mainland and supplies running low. Written for NaNoWriMo 2015.

Magical Thinking: In this retelling of Sleeping Beauty, two girls fall in love while trying to break a curse. Blogged here in 2016 & later submitted to Swoon Reads.

By the Sea: Work in progress. Lee’s quiet summer of homeschooling is turned upside-down when Noah moves to Myrtle Cove.

Shorter Form

As an English major/writing minor, I produce a lot of essays and short stories. Rather than letting them languish in my folders, I occasionally share them here. I also took a poetry class in summer 2018 and got hooked, so you may see the occasional poem pop up here.

Princess Leia and Empowerment Written for International Women’s Day 2017.

Why I Love Yarn I wrote this for I Love Yarn Day 2016. A short essay on the various reasons I love yarn, which you probably got from the title. 😛

Portrait of a Poodle A poem in memory of my poodle Ruby.


» Temporary, Portland Community College “Letter and Line” Spring 2017

» The Feminist Knitter, Portland Community College “Letter and Line” Winter 2018


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