Bob Ross Amigurumi

Do you guys like watching Bob Ross? For anybody who doesn’t know, he’s an American artist who did a TV show called “The Joy of Painting,” where he talks to the audience/camera while doing a half-hour painting. You can watch reruns on YouTube. It’s a really relaxing, calming show, which is why many people (including myself) enjoy watching it. He’s just such a positive, happy person and bestows the audience with gems of wisdom as he paints.

Bob Ross was also kind of the instigator of ASMR, which is another story entirely…

Anyway, my dad shares my affinity for Bob Ross, so for Father’s Day I collaborated with my sister to create a crochet version of our favorite painter.


My sister is skilled in the visual arts, so she did this painting to accompany Bob Ross (who would look quite lonely without a painting, I think). I found this canvas and easel at my college bookstore and picked it up because it was cute. It just happened to work perfectly for this project. She made him a cute little palette, too, which we jury-rigged to his hand with rubber bands and the power of hope.

As for the crochet, I used the same pattern as usual from Beth Weber of By Hook, By Hand. I almost have it memorized after making 10+ dolls from it. But it never gets old. This is how I made the clothes. I wasn’t super happy with how his hair turned out, but you know what Bob Ross says…

There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.


I had this box from a crochet kit that we repurposed for the presentation of the gift. My dad was delighted with his gift (he took these pictures, actually). Bob Ross is currently living at his workplace, where I’ve heard he is making coworkers smile.

It’s actually Bob Ross who landed me the commission for Nancy and Sluggo. Pro tip: make your amigurumi do the advertising for you. 😉

Do you like Bob Ross? Have you heard of him before? Let’s spread some Bob Ross positivity in the comments ❤