Summer Craft-Along

The Summer Craft-Along is a thing I just started this year. You can click here to read my blog post about it, to see how it started. Basically, you fill in a space for every 30 minutes you spend crafting, or each time you do an ‘activity’ – and at the end, I can add your name to the SCA Hall of Fame! Check out the blog post for more details.

Click the button below to visit the SCA Hall of Fame!

Summer Craft-Along Hall of Fame


1. Cogaroo @ Cogaroo Crafts (of course)
2. River @ Strike a Spark
3. FillieFanatic @ Tiny Horse Talk
4. dragonsashes @ The Dragon’s Cave
5. Sweet Petunia
6. Empress27 @ EmpressFibres
7. AVG
8. Ginny

The Templates

Summer Craft-Along Cover 
Summer Craft-Along Inside ✿

The Rules

  • This Craft-Along is open to ALL crafters – crocheters, knitters, spinners, weavers, scrapbookers, jewelry-makers, you name it. Thanks to filliefanatic who suggested this should be a Craft-Along instead of just a Yarn-Along!
  • It starts whenever you want – as long as it’s summer!
  • To ‘sign up,’ leave a comment here to tell me you’re participating. If you have a blog, feel free to post about it, but you don’t have to – although it would be fun to see everyone’s progress!
  • Print off the Summer Craft-Along (SCA) templates. Cut them out and glue them together, then fold into thirds. (I tried to do dotted lines to guide you, but they’re not completely accurate.)
  • Whenever you craft for 30 minutes, you can fill in a space.
  • Whenever you complete one of the ‘activities’, such as “Teach someone your yarn craft” or “Finish a WIP”, fill in another space.
  • If you finish by August 31, you can submit your name to be included on the SCA Hall of Fame. 🙂
Art by AVG
Art by AVG

I hope you decide to join in the SYA – it should be fun! 🙂


Your comments make me happy :D

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