SCA Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the finishers of the Summer Craft-Along! Please scroll down and pay them homage. If you finished too, please let me know and I’ll add you to the list. You can also include an acceptance speech if you feel so inclined; I will publish that as well. 🙂

Summer Craft-Along Hall of Fame

The very first person to finish was…*drumroll*


I’m so grateful to have had this experience. It motivated me to finish a shirt that I’ve had in my to-do pile for quite a while. What a fun contest! Thanks, Cogaroo!

And next up we have the wonderful …

✿ DRAGONSASHES @ The Dragon’s Cave✿

Third to finish was the incandescent …

✿ AVG ✿

AVG is also the talented artist who did the yarn logo for the Craft-Along! 🙂

At this point I had finished, as well, but I’d feel a little narcissistic posting ‘Cogaroo’ in big letters. 😉

So our next finisher is …


River is one of the Bunny Drop Project participants, as well! 🙂

Design B

THE Prizes

If you’ve finished, you’re welcome to grab your prizes. Because what fun is a contest without prizes? 🙂

The first is a button that you can put on your blog or social media site. You can brag to all the world that you finished the Summer Craft-Along!

Cogaroo Crafts
Cogaroo Crafts

Next, how about a certificate? Not a ‘Participation Award’ either, because that would be lame. Click to download, then you can fill in your name and all that awesomeness.


You also get seven internet cookies from me. 🙂 Thanks so much for joining me in the Summer Craft-Along, I really enjoyed your company!



Your comments make me happy :D

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