Blog a Book

I created this page for reference of the books I’ve blogged or am blogging on Once Upon a Yarn. If you’re new to the concept of blogging a book, it’s basically where I post a chapter of a story I wrote every week or so. I blogged The Yarn Wars in 2013, and now I’m doing Unraveled.

Click on a cover to see the full summary of the story and find the links to be able to read it. 🙂


Unraveled Avid crocheter Emma stumbles upon a cursed wrap pattern that has already claimed the life of one person, and goes on a quest to find the cure.

The Yarn Wars Set in dystopian Seattle, Kira tries to find the truth behind the Yarn Wars, a war between knitting and crochet.

Other Writing

Princess Leia and Empowerment – Or, Why the Slave Leia Costume ≠ Empowering Women Written for International Women’s Day 2017.

Why I Love Yarn I wrote this for I Love Yarn Day 2016. A short, rough-draft essay on the various reasons I love yarn, which you probably got from the title. 😛

Your comments make me happy :D

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