Blog a Book

I created this page for reference of the books I’ve blogged or am blogging on Once Upon a Yarn…and also the other writing I’ve posted here. πŸ™‚

If you’re new to the concept of blogging a book, it’s basically where I post a chapter of a story I wrote every week or so. I bloggedΒ The Yarn WarsΒ in 2013, andΒ UnraveledΒ in 2016. The thing withΒ UnraveledΒ is that it ended up being much longer than I expected, so I only ever posted the first half. I’m hoping to edit and publish it somehow in the future, but please be forewarned that the entire story isn’t here on the blog. Cliffhanger! πŸ˜›


Obligatory picture of my lovely little laptop, JARVIS. πŸ™‚

Blog a Book

UnraveledΒ Avid crocheter Emma stumbles upon a cursed wrap pattern that has already claimed the life of one person, and goes on a quest toΒ find the cure.

The Yarn WarsΒ Set in dystopian Seattle, Kira tries to find the truth behind the Yarn Wars, a war between knitting and crochet.

Other Writing

As an English major who’s also taking creative writing classes, I’ve ended up with a lot of essays and short stories, so I’m thinking about posting some of those here. Also,Β when I’m upset, I’ve been known to write an essay to express my displeasure. So I think I’ll be adding to this category as we go. πŸ™‚

Princess Leia and Empowerment – Or, Why the Slave Leia Costume β‰  Empowering Women Written for International Women’s Day 2017.

Why I Love YarnΒ I wrote this for I Love Yarn Day 2016. A short essay on the various reasons I love yarn, which you probably got from the title. πŸ˜›

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