Sophie in Pink

Are you familiar with the designer Dedri from Look At What I Made? If not, please pause here to go check out her absolutely amazing work. I haven’t been in this much crochet love since I discovered Lucy from Attic24. Have you gone to give it a look? Okay, now I can show you my latest project!

I’m making Sophie’s Garden with a bunch of pink yarn in my stash!


Did I take this picture at 11 pm in front of my laptop after staying up past my bedtime crocheting? Yes, yes I did. No, it’s not a good picture. But you can see my cute lil Lunch Money pouch, which coordinates quite well. This is one day’s progress. Maybe 2-3 hours of work.

Sophie’s Garden is an amazing mega afghan square. I’ve made it once before, but I don’t think I’ve shared pictures of it on here…which definitely has to change, because it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made. I actually had these balls of pink and purple yarn leftover from the lesbian flags I made for my recent craft fair. I like the colors so much that I figured I may as well repurpose them!


Concept: having pretty fingernails. At least I can make pretty things even with less-than-photogenic fingernails.

This pattern is the most fun thing ever. I never get bored because every round has something new and exciting. Amazingly, it’s a free pattern, and there are photo tutorials for every part of it.


This is my progress after two days of work. It’s summer, so I’m taking an online college class instead of doing in-person ones, which means I have much more spare time. It feels SO GOOD to crochet for hours. It really is restorative for the soul!

I’ve decided that my dog needs a new crochet blanket, so this will most likely end up being for her. I’m making some other squares that I might end up edging this big square with, but we’ll see what happens. My dog already has 2 crochet afghans that I made for her, but I just like making things for her. 🙂


And here she is to inspect my progress. 😉

It just occurred to me that I haven’t shown you a picture of my dog since she was a puppy. Well, she’s a big 2 and a half-year-old doggo now, but she’ll always be a puppy to us. Here’s Maisie!


She’s a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. Yes, really. People giggle every time they hear that name for the first time. There are two kinds of these dogs, Chinese Crested Hairless and Powderpuff. Because equitable fur distribution didn’t occur to the people breeding these creatures. She’s basically the real-life version of Puppycat and doesn’t realize she’s a dog. And she will soon be the owner of three hand-crafted afghans. 🙂

If you have a dog, tell me all!

2 thoughts on “Sophie in Pink

  1. Wow! Sophie’s Garden looks amazing in all pink! There’s so much detail and pattern and the way it just draws you in… it’s mesmerizing. 😀 Maisie is just as gorgeous as she was as a puppy, give her a kiss for me! My dog Charlie is a 7-year-old Cavoodle who loves sleeping and barking at specks of dust, but I still love him a lot. Maybe I should make an afghan for Charlie, Maisie’s very lucky she has three! 😀


    1. Thank you for the kind words, fillie! The pattern is just incredible, and it’s more fun to make every time, I think. Maisie has been greeted on your behalf and she sends her own greetings to Charlie, who sounds like an amazing little dog! My poodle Ruby did more than her fair share of barking at specks of dust. 😉 Beware, if you make Charlie one blanket, he will likely steal all of them… 🙂


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