The one with the craft fair

Hello! I’m feeling cheerful because I just finished my last final exam and winter break has officially begun. I figured what better way to celebrate than with colorful crochet? I wrote a 3-page, 7-page, and 13-page essay for various classes and am pretty tired of writing, so this post will mainly be pictures. πŸ˜‰

I did my first ever craft fair and it was so much fun! My dad’s coworker told him about a holiday bazaar at her kid’s school, and I signed up as a vendor. My dad was kind enough to help me set up and move everything as well as being a calming presence throughout the fair. I’ve wanted to sell at a craft fair since I first learned to crochet at age 14, so it was amazing to check this goal off the list. It was really successful and people said super nice things about my crochet, so I left feeling good. πŸ™‚

Enough blather, onto pictures! Don’t forget that if you like any of this, you can always visit my Etsy shop or shoot me a message for a custom order. πŸ™‚











I learned a lot from the experience, and I’ll post about it another time so others can benefit from my trial and error. Long story short: anything with eyes and a smile sells really well!

Have you ever sold at a craft fair? If not, would you like to? Tell me all! ❀


5 thoughts on “The one with the craft fair

  1. filliefanatic says:

    Wow, congratulations! Obviously, I don’t know what the other booths look like, but I bet yours looks the best. I’ve never sold at a craft fair, and honestly have no idea if I would, but it sure looks like you had a lot of fun. I love the little octopi (I think!) in front of the whale sign, they’re very cute! I, too, love the feeling of checking off assignments, it makes me feel so much lighter! πŸ˜€

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    • Claire says:

      Thank you! There were a lot of really awesome booths, but thank you for the kind words ^__^ It was a lot of fun, even more so than I imagined. I bet your creations would do really well at a craft fair if you ever choose to do one. Yep, they’re octopi, I love that pattern…I have an affinity for sea creatures ❀

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    • Claire says:

      Thank you, Astri! Did you spot the granny rose pins? πŸ™‚ Ever since the first crochet-a-long I haven’t been able to stop making granny roses! ❀ Thanks for your kind words!


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