Happy Halloween from Lexa

It’s one of my favorite days of the year…the only day it’s socially acceptable to dress up in public, and with free candy to boot!

As you may recall, I’m a huge fan of The 100, so I decided to go as my favorite character, Commander Lexa.


I’m really happy with how it turned out. I used this tutorial as a starting point with a few modifications. It took me about two weeks to make, working on it pretty consistently. I think it only cost about $15 to make, since I used a bunch of stuff I already had.

Also, the red cape is actually a table runner from the dollar store. 🙂


It’s actually pretty comfortable – the corset belt is surprisingly so. Gives some back support. I did make it an inch larger than necessary so I would have room to eat a bunch of candy. 😉


For once my eyes are the right color for the character. Unfortunately I cannot see without my glasses, which definitely is not show-accurate, but what can one do? It takes FOREVER to wash off the makeup, but it’s so worth it, plus it’s really fun to apply!


I went to a Halloween party and, lo and behold, it was held in the Clark Room. For non-100 fans, Clarke is Lexa’s girlfriend. They’re pretty much the cutest thing ever. So I had to take a picture with this sign. ❤

I’m about to go to my Gender & Sexualities class, and my professor encouraged us to dress up, so you better believe I’m going as Lexa. Today I’m actually giving a presentation about The 100 in class, so I’m pretty excited about the timing. I get to talk about how Clarke is a good “possibility model” by being an openly bisexual character on a popular TV show, in addition to just being an all-around awesome character. I don’t like public speaking but I’m excited to fangirl at my class.


Not sure how Maisie feels about this, but I’ve always wanted to see Lexa holding a fluffy puppy.

It’s funny how much more confident I feel when dressed up as a character I love. I noticed I was standing up straighter because, after all, Lexa wouldn’t slouch. Do any of you feel like that? Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Hope y’all have a candy-filled day!


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from Lexa

  1. Andrea R Huelsenbeck says:

    I was going to go to my folk dance group’s Halloween party (but I didn’t). I was going to wear a T-shirt I have that says “I folk dance–that’s my superpower.” I really needed a cape to complete the ensemble. Now I know where to get one next time! Thanks for sharing.


    • Claire says:

      I’m so glad you found it useful! Folk dance sounds like a lot of fun, and your T-shirt is so cool. I hope you can find a suitable cape for next time – the dollar store is my favorite thing ever for budget crafting. 🙂


  2. filliefanatic says:

    Your costume looks great! I also very much like seeing physically intimidating people holding tiny fluffy puppies, especially ones as cute as Maisie. I can’t say I’ve ever felt that way, because I’ve never dressed up as a character, but I’d love to one day. Happy Halloween! 😀


    • Claire says:

      Thank you filliefanatic! 😀 I’m the same way, I love seeing fan art of vicious characters cuddling with their love interest, or doing something like baking or snuggling with a puppy. I’m not a particularly physically threatening person, haha, I’m more suited to hugging fluffy puppies. Unlike Lexa, who is probably good at both. 😛


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