Crochet A to Z: Mandalas, Magazines, and Maisie!

I’m doing the A to Z Challenge for the month of April with the theme “Learn to Crochet A to Z.” For more details, and to view previous posts, click here!

Crochet A to Z-3

I debated for ages and ages over what to choose for the letter “M,” but in the end I just couldn’t decide on one topic. I know, this is kind of cheating, but I couldn’t bring myself to cut any of these! I did for other letters, but not for this one. So we’re going to talk briefly about each of these – I hope you’re okay with that!


I must confess I still don’t know how to pronounce ‘mandala,’ so I would welcome any guidance on the subject. I believe there is a spiritual significance to mandalas, which I would be really interested in learning more about. But in the crochet world, the term is mostly applied to colorful crochet circles with intricate patterns, and they’re absolutely stunning to behold!


I made this mandala from the Sophie’s Garden pattern from Look at What I Made. I’m going to link you to the Sophie’s Universe Crochet-A-Long, which is the most amazing crochet thing I’ve ever seen. I really want to make it someday. It’s a huge, square blanket with the most incredible pattern. Trust me, just click through to see it.

Attic24 has done some beautiful mandalas on hula hoops, hanging them from the ceiling like dreamcatchers. Here’s one post where she talks about it. Colorful and inspiring!

The queen of mandalas would be Marinke, or “Wink,” from A Creative Being. Her blog is a beautiful, inspirational place where she’s shared many free crochet patterns. I made a bunch of her patterns while I was exploring the world of crochet mandalas, and like so many people in the crochet world, was inspired by her. Sadly, she suffered from depression, and crochet wasn’t enough to save her from it. The whole crochet world isn’t the same without her. 😦 There was a movement to crochet mandalas for her, and a tag #wearingflowersinmyhairforwink. I think about her whenever I crochet a mandala, or curl up under my Sophie’s Universe blanket.


As you might imagine, there are a ton of crochet magazines out there, and I’m definitely not an expert. I just want to share my favorite ones with you. I think crochet magazines are a fantastic source of inspiration, and it’s super fun to get something in your mailbox.

I’ve been subscribed to Interweave Crochet for probably around four years now, and I haven’t thrown away a single issue. Unfortunately, I got the first year digitally on my Kindle Fire, and after it stopped working I was unable to access the issues. Sad face. If any of y’all know a way to access stuff like that, please do tell! Apart from that mishap, though, I have all my issues and look back through them often for inspiration. I’ve also gotten a year or so of Love of Crochet, which is a lovely magazine too!


Here’s most of my collection. You can get a pretty good feel for the magazine by the variety of covers here – I know, never judge a book by its cover, but at least you can see the wide array of designs here! The patterns in Interweave Crochet are just amazing – the ones they select really push the boundaries of crochet and use new, exciting stitches and yarns. It’s really fun to look through. I swear I sound like a spokesperson…I wish I was sponsored by them, haha, but this is just me genuinely gushing.

There are also some cool online crochet magazines, some free and some not. A while back I actually had two patterns published in Crochetvolution, and you can see them here and here if you’re interested. 🙂 Unfortunately Crochetvolution is no longer running, but the back issues have some fantastic patterns in them and are definitely worth exploring!


Because this is totally crochet-related.

We got a new puppy, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff named Maisie, and she is absolutely the most PRECIOUS thing on the face of the earth. So I’ve been posting pictures of her on every single one of my social medias, and my blog is no different! Behold:




She’s the sweetest, cutest little puppy, and I’m sure I’ll be crocheting her sweaters in the future…remember the blanket I talked about in my frogging post? It was for Maisie! ❤

This post has been all over the place! Which one of the “M” things was your favorite? I think you know mine – it’s hard to resist a fluffy little puppy – but I like crochet related things too. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Crochet A to Z: Mandalas, Magazines, and Maisie!

  1. dolldimensions says:

    AHHHH!!!! Maisie is SO cute!!!! 😀 Also, I LOVE your Sophie’s Garden…you did an amazing job! On a side note, I feel the same way about Wink…she inspired me boatloads back when I was a yarn newbie, too. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Claire says:

      Aww, thank you so much! I just couldn’t resist sticking her in for the letter “M.” You’re super sweet! 🙂 And it’s so cool you were inspired by Wink, too – it’s hard not to be, her work is beautiful! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. River says:

    My favorite “M” would have to be. . . Magazines! I love flipping through them at the bookstore, and especially if I find vintage magazines at the thrift shop or flea market. So inspiring!

    By the way, I hadn’t heard about Wink’s story before. Thank you for sharing. It’s touching to see the thought and effort into honoring her memory, and to raising awareness of mental illness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Claire says:

      I’d love to find some vintage crochet magazines – some of the designs are hilariously dated, but charming nonetheless! 🙂

      I’m glad I could introduce you to Wink’s story – I agree that it’s touching to see how many people are honoring her memory. There needs to be more awareness for mental illness, and it’s really nice to see it happening in the crochet community…it’s amazing how many supportive crafters there are. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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