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Unraveled, Part 15

Hello! Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! Welcome to another installment of the book I’m blogging here. 🙂

As always, keep in mind this is a very rough first draft…I have an outline, but this is unpolished writing, so don’t expect anything amazing. 😉 I hope you enjoy it though, and I always love feedback!

Also, I’ll be traveling and visiting family for the next week, so I won’t be posting in that time. Just a heads-up. Does anyone know if you can bring crochet hooks on an airplane? I’m worried they’ll get stuck in security or something…even though knitting needles would be much riskier!


Table of Contents

Unraveled, Part 15

The last option seemed just as unlikely, but a part of me had been waiting for this moment for my whole life. As a child, I had spent hours in my bedroom reading Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia, wishing to be sucked away into a magical land. I wanted to go on an adventure, meet faeries, learn magic, and be a princess. (Maybe there were some people who went their entire life without wishing they were royal, but I was definitely not one of those people. Hayden had also suffered from a royal phase when we were both little – that was the Christmas we received matching tiaras.)

It would be best to assume this was real unless I woke up. If you got hurt in a dream, it wouldn’t hurt you in real life…but I didn’t want to assume I was dreaming in case Rory got violent and I actually had been awake.

Neirin was watching me think. I yanked myself back to reality (or was it reality?) and forced myself to focus.

“Where am I?” I said, keeping my voice calm.

“Good question. This is Feylinn.”

That didn’t clear up much, but I felt better now that the place had a name. “Okay,” I said. “Last I checked, we were in Eugene. How did we get here?”

“I should think you’d have figured that out already, Emma. You must not take after your bloodline as much as I thought.”

“I know we came through that well thing,” I said. “But…”

“That well thing! It’s the Well, girl. Show some respect!” Neirin looked like I had just called her mother some awful word. “That well thing. You humans.”

I pressed on. “So is it some sort of transport?”

“Yes. Yes it is.” Neirin sighed. “It connects the human world with the world of the fey.”

A pause. I tried to keep cool, to control my breathing. World of the fey?

Neirin glanced down her long nose at me. “You’re unconvinced I’m telling the truth.”

I was pretty convinced, but there was still a shred of doubt in my mind, that human part of me telling me this was impossible, there had to be some logical explanation. I told that part to shut up and looked at Neirin.

“I don’t have to prove myself to you, but we do need to wake up your companion,” she mused. I instantly stepped next to Catherine, putting myself between my friend and Neirin, who was walking closer. “Oh, don’t worry. If I was going to hurt her, I would have done it already, don’t you think? I’m just going to wake her up. Simple bit of magic. I don’t know what Elide will do with her, though.”

The name Elide rung a bell somewhere in my addled mind, but I didn’t have time to ponder it right now. I tentatively let Neirin step past me and place a hand on Catherine’s wrist.

She didn’t say any incantation; there were no flashes of light or sparks. But Catherine groaned and opened her eyes. I watched as her mouth opened in shock and she scooted herself backwards, looking at Neirin.

“It’s okay,” I told her, placing a hand on her other arm.

“What’s going on?” Her voice was hoarse and panicked.


“Who is that? Where are we?” She looked incredulously around, taking in her surroundings like I had upon waking.

“That’s Neirin. But she told us her name was Rory,” I explained, aware that Neirin was listening to my every word. “We’re in Feylinn, a fantasy world. And…” I hesitated. I could have pulled aside my hair and shown her my ear, but it felt too strange, kind of embarrassing. “And Neirin is fey.”

“What?” A variety of expressions flashed across her face: disbelief, hurt (did she think I was lying to her?), fear, and finally a wary acceptance. “That’s impossible.”

“I know.”

“Very few things are impossible,” said Neirin. “Catherine, you know Emma isn’t lying to you.”

She looked like she was going to cry. She bit her lip, blinked quickly a couple of times, and stood, using my arm for support. “Why did you bring us here?”

“I wasn’t lying about the shawl,” said Neirin. “I told you I would bring you to the place where I got it. That’s the reason I sent Emma down the Well.” She looked disdainfully at Catherine, who was still standing right next to me; neither of us felt much like moving. “I didn’t plan on bringing the human, but there isn’t much we can do about it now.”

“Don’t call her that,” I said.

“Human? Well, she is.” Neirin raised her eyebrows at me. “It looks like you’re coming to terms with your own species, Emma?”

Catherine looked at me, confused. My stomach felt like it was turning over. I took a breath and tucked my hair behind my ear, not looking at her expression.

“Oh,” said Catherine.

I waited.

“I didn’t…I didn’t think the day would go like this,” she said. I peeked at her out of the corner of my eye; the corners of her lips were turned up slightly.

We had already formed a bond based on the weird, abnormal situation with the wrap. In that moment, far away from home, in a completely impossible, possibly fantastical situation, I felt a surge of kinship with her. We were both freaked out and trying to process what was happening. Our lives were probably in danger. But at least we were together, at least there was one other human who understood (or didn’t understand) what was happening.

As if she was having the same thoughts, Catherine gave a quick, almost imperceptible raise of her eyebrows. I got her unspoken message: Let’s tough this out, go along with Neirin, and find a way out when we can.

I nodded. Then I said to Neirin: “May I ask what’s going to happen to us?”


Hope you’re all having a lovely day!


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