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Yarn Along: A Guest Post by Rapunzel

Hi everyone! My name is Rapunzel, and as you probably gathered from the title, I’ll be doing a guest post today.

You may remember that last summer, I filled in for Claire while she was away at camp. Well, she hasn’t posted for a while because she was overwhelmed with her college classes. I’m happy about this opportunity because I really enjoyed guest posting last summer, so I’m delighted to be back!

Claire will be going on a sort-of blogging hiatus, and here’s our tentative schedule: Every other Saturday, she’ll post a chapter of Unraveled. On the non-Unraveled Saturdays, there will hopefully be another blog post from her, as time allows. All the other blog posts in the near future will be from me or one other guest blogger, whom you’ll meet soon! These might not be regular, but there will definitely be some co-blogging going on for the next couple weeks, or however long. We’re figuring it out as we go. 🙂

For today’s post, I decided to join in the Yarn Along, which is a weekly link-up from Ginny Sheller at Small Things. You post a picture of what you’re crocheting (or knitting) and reading at the moment. I’m not as into books as Claire is (you should see her bookshelves, where I live), but I was excited about this post idea.



I’m working on a shawl for myself. One of my guest posts last summer was about a granny triangle shawl, and I decided to make one that was more appropriate for summer. The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze from our local yarn store, and it’s the softest yarn ever! It’s very difficult to frog, though. As you can see, I added some different stitches near the edge, and I just finished the scallop. I’m excited to show you the finished product. 🙂


I’m what you might call a reluctant reader. There are so many things I get distracted with when I sit down to read! So Claire recommended The Wide-Awake Princess by E. D. Baker, because it’s an adventure – and she thought I would like reading about another princess. I’m about halfway through, and it’s really good! I like how the author turns the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty inside out…what if Sleeping Beauty had a sister? I can’t wait to finish it. Claire has two other books by the same author (she’s a huge fan of fantasy books) so I might continue. I’d love your suggestions too! 😀


It’s great to be back on Once Upon a Yarn…I’m so excited to talk to you all later! Thank you all for your patience while we figure out the guest posting thing. 🙂 And feel free to leave a comment, or ask any questions!

About the Author

IMG_4303Rapunzel is a crocheted doll who loves crafting, watching animated movies, and singing along to the radio. She spent three weeks as a guest blogger for Once Upon a Yarn last summer, when Claire went on vacation, and is delighted to be back. When she’s not wrestling with her hair, she can usually be found wherever there are tomatoes – her favorite food.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along: A Guest Post by Rapunzel

  1. Hi, Rapunzel!! 😀 I think it’s awesome that you’re going to be guest posting! Tell Claire that I totally get being overwhelmed by college classes. Your shawl looks gorgeous!!


    1. Hi Grace! Thank you so much!! I’ll pass that along to Claire, I know she appreciates it – and your comment made me super happy! Sorry for the delay in replying, Claire wouldn’t let me onto her WordPress account! 🙂



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