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Mint Green Owl Video Tutorial

Hi there!

I’m super excited to share my first video tutorial with you all today! I was going to post Unraveled today, but I had some time to edit this and was too excited to wait to share it. 🙂

I learned to crochet from Crochet: A Klutz Book, but after I learned the basic stitches, I discovered YouTube tutorials. So I technically didn’t have a teacher, but there are so many helpful channels that it was almost like having one. In my years blogging (I’m making myself sound so experienced, hehe) I received some requests for video tutorials, but I didn’t have an account to share them. And I was quite honestly frightened of putting my voice out on the Internet – I felt like Ariel signing her voice away to the sea witch.

But to make a long story short, there’s only so much you can convey in a photo tutorial, and it really is my mission to help as many people learn to crochet as possible. I’m teaching a pretty big group of people to crochet, and I picked up some information on what does and doesn’t work for teaching; I even designed some patterns specifically for my crochet classes. And I would really like to help more beginning crocheters. So I took the plunge and created a Vimeo account, under my website name: Once Upon a Yarn.

For my first video, I picked the Mint Green Owl amigurumi pattern. This is one that I designed just for my crochet classes, because it’s super easy, so I thought it would be a good thing to start with. Here it is!

I filmed this on my iPhone, so I’m sorry about the oddly shaped screen. I’ll figure something else out next time, like maybe turning the phone the other way. Any suggestions? I like the good definition from the iPhone, and I don’t have a proper video camera… Also, I talked far too quietly (introverts unite! except for not, because we’re introverts!) so you’ll need to turn up the volume. Hehe.

I’d really appreciate if you helped spread the word about my channel; it’s incredibly scary putting myself out there, but I think it will get less so over time! (How do all you vloggers do it?)

Let me know what you think, and thanks for being so supportive! 😀


2 thoughts on “Mint Green Owl Video Tutorial

  1. Awesome video! 😀 That’s really cool that you did a video tutorial–I’m rather scared to try it. The signing-your-voice-away-to-the-sea-witch comment is SO how I feel! 😀


    1. Thank you, Grace! I’m really glad you liked it! I was quite scared to do a video tutorial, but I’m glad I branched out…now to work up the courage to do another one, haha. I really appreciate your support! 😀


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