Schedules, Sneak Peeks, & Sea Turtles

Hi! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

I decided to switch up my blogging schedule (although it’s so unorganized, I can hardly call it that) – the reason being that I have the most time to blog on the weekend, so I’ll do Unraveled posts later in the week, since I can just copy & paste and publish. I think I’ll do those on Tuesday, and do my Yarn Along posts on Thursday. (I realize I keep missing the Yarn Along…I need to get in a better habit of posting!)

One of my New Years’ resolutions was to post more frequently, and to learn my way around, so we’ll see how this goes. I appreciate your patience, and any feedback you have is welcome! 😀

I’ve been busy over the last week working on a new crochet project. I was planning to post about it today, but it was pouring rain and I wanted to take pictures outside. Instead of settling for mediocre, poorly-lit inside photos, I’ll just post a sneak peek today and save the photo shoot for another day. I’m super pleased with how this particular project came out – my mom called it my best yet, and I have to agree. (I’m certainly not trying to pat myself on the back, but don’t you love when something comes out just the way you envisioned it? And I put a lot of effort into this one, so I’m glad it paid off!)




Any guesses? That first picture makes her pretty recognizable, doesn’t it? 😉

Okay, this is the part where we depart from my typical topics (crochet and writing) for a change! It was one of those weeks where at the end of it, you just need something cute and cuddly to cheer yourself up. So because I’m a responsible adult, I bought a Squishable sea turtle. ❤ (If you’re unfamiliar with Squishables, or you also are in need of a smile, go click around their website…you won’t regret it!)


I mean:


(Photo credit to AVG for the above picture)


Yeah, so I didn’t even try to resist. I just wanted to share the cuteness with y’all. 🙂 I think I’m going to name him Akinli, but I’d love to hear your suggestions!

That concludes today’s post of randomness. I’d love to hear your thoughts about my blogging schedule, not-so-secret amigurumi, or adopted turtle! 🙂

May the Force be with you!



2 thoughts on “Schedules, Sneak Peeks, & Sea Turtles

    • Claire says:

      I’m excited to share more pictures, if it ever stops raining! 🙂 Thanks for your awesome comment, I’m really rather smitten with my new turtle…I would definitely recommend Squishables! (The regular-sized, enormous Squishables are my favorite, for sheer huggability, but the mini ones are much more affordable and space-efficent, hehe.) 😀


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