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Unraveled, Part 7

Hello, lovely followers!

I’m happy to share another episode of Unraveled with you all today! I’m really excited about this story because I had a lightbulb moment yesterday about where I wanted the plot to go. I’m ridiculously excited about the new development; after I had the idea I ran straight to the computer to write it down. Then I wrote a couple thousand more words today.

I thought I knew how the story was going to end, and I thought the finished story would be around 10 parts or something. However, this new idea threw my plans off, in a good way. It’s going to be a lot of fun to write, and I hope it will be interesting to read! I’m not positive how long the story will be, but to give you a clue, my draft is about 12,000 words right now. And I’m nowhere close to being done. I don’t want to ramble on too much, but I thought you might like an update. This happened with The Yarn Wars too; it ended up being much longer than I anticipated!

But enough blather, here’s today’s segment.

[Edited Feb 1: Thank you Gayla for pointing out my mistake. I accidentally gave y’all Part 6 again! How embarrassing. Here’s the correct segment. 😉 ]


Table of Contents

Unraveled, Part 7

I checked my texts as I walked into my house. One unread message popped up, so I checked it. Catherine had sent a message, and I smiled.

Great job with the wrap detecting! Thanks again for the help. 🙂 -C

“Teenager,” said Hayden’s voice.

I dropped the phone in surprise, making a snatch for it but missing, and it landed with a crack on the wood floor. I bent down to retrieve it, hoping it still worked, although that wasn’t the first time I had done that.

“You startled me!” I said, pressing the power button and holding my breath. The screen lit up, and I stood and shoved it back into my pocket. “Were you lying in wait for me or something?” She was sprawled on the couch, book in hand.

“No, I have a life,” said Hayden, rolling over and putting a bookmark in her spot. I didn’t point out that her ‘life’ consisted of reading books all day long, because I did the same thing sometimes. “But the question is, how did your class go? At the community center?”

“My class?” I stood there, confused, until it occurred to me. “I didn’t actually take a class. I just…went there to, uh, hang out. With a friend.”

“This morning you said you were taking a class,” said Hayden. She stood and walked over to me. “Which friend did you go with?”

I said the first name that popped into my head, which was “Harriet.”

“Harriet’s the girl who teased you in elementary school, isn’t she?” asked Hayden. “The pretty one?”

Darn it. I’d forgotten she was the one who teased me. That was one of the reasons I’d started homeschooling the next year. “What do you mean, the pretty one?”

“Well, wasn’t she the one that always had the parties?” Hayden sat up and set the book down next to her just as my phone buzzed. “Oh, now who’s Miss Popular?”

I pulled out my phone and read the text quickly. It was from Catherine.

Just had an idea, call me and we can discuss

“I have to go,” I told Hayden.

She sighed and snatched the phone from my hand. I made a lunge for it, but she spun away and stood on the couch, holding the phone high above her head. “Who’s Catherine?”

I jumped. She stood on her tiptoes and scrolled to the next text. “The wrap detecting? Did you tell her about it?”

“Give that back to me!” I exclaimed, leaping next to her on the couch. I grabbed her arm and wrangled the phone out of her hand. Then I stuffed it in my pocket. “That’s my personal property.”

“I helped convince Mom and Dad to get you that phone,” said Hayden. “So I think I deserve a little more credit.” She crossed her arms, still standing on the couch, which forced me to crane my neck to look her in the eye.

“That doesn’t mean you can read my texts.”

“Apparently it does.” She smirked. “But I’m insulted. You told Catherine about the wrap? Aren’t I helpful enough for you?”

My phone buzzed again. Hayden scowled.

“Of course you are,” I said. “Aren’t I allowed to tell other people?”

“I thought it was kind of a secret,” said Hayden, “since you got all mad when I was talking too loudly. In the community center.” She hopped off the couch, socked feet slipping on the wood floor.

I could have explained about Irene, Catherine’s grandma, but I wasn’t too pleased with Hayden either. I could tell whoever I wanted; it was my secret to share. “Well, maybe Catherine really is more helpful,” I said, regretting it the second it came out of my mouth.

Hayden was taken aback. Then her eyebrows furrowed, trying to cover her hurt. “Fine. Go talk to Kitty,” she said. She turned her back, scooped up the book and stalked into the back room.

My phone made another buzzing noise since I hadn’t checked my last text. I sighed, looking at the door through which Hayden had disappeared. The wrap was ruining everything: first Rory’s life, then Irene’s, Catherine’s too, and now my own. I should have gone to apologize but I figured the sooner I fixed the Briars and Roses Shawl problem, the sooner all our problems would go away.

In my room I checked my text. Catherine had written:

I thought we cld go on a search 4 the person who gave the wrap to Rory…some stalking you know 😉 and see if we can figure something out, what do you say?

That was actually a great idea, although I had no idea how we would go about it. I figured Catherine had some ideas so I called her as she’d requested.

“Hey,” she said when she picked up. “You get my text?”

“Yeah,” I said. I closed my bedroom door and sat on my beanbag chair; it made a squishing noise as I settled into it. I kicked a sock out of my way and reclined against the wall.

“Okay, so I wondered if this weekend you were free. Rory could try and dig up some information on the lady, and we can go on a hunt.” I could tell Catherine was excited even though I couldn’t see her.

“I think so,” I said, beginning to get a little excited too. A road trip sounded like fun, and even better if we could sort out the wrap at the same time. “I have tomorrow off for Thanksgiving, so I have a four-day weekend.”

“Great,” said Catherine. “You want to email Rory? Ask if she has any information?”

“I guess,” I said, opening my laptop. I typed in Rory’s email address while talking. “I don’t know if she’d have any information, though.”

“But she might have some info on the guests,” said Catherine. “It’s possible.” I could practically hear her shrugging. “Give it a try, anyway.”

“Yeah. Good thinking.”

We were silent for a minute as I typed in a quick note to Rory summarizing what Catherine and I had discussed. I sent the message. Maybe she would think it was hopeless, but I didn’t have much to lose anymore.

I wondered, again, what was going on with the shawl. When I thought about it, it sounded so stupid – how could a shawl possess me? How could a shawl be life-threatening? But when I glanced over at it, my fingers twitched and my heart beat faster, enough to make me feel a little dizzy. Before I knew what I was doing, I had snatched it up and was poking the hook through the delicate thread.

The dizziness subsided; I sank into my beanbag chair, relieved but afraid. It sounded stupid, but it was real anyway.

“Emma, are you still there?”

I realized Catherine was still on the phone, which had fallen to the floor. Luckily it hadn’t broken. I held the shawl with one hand and scooped the phone up with the other, holding it to my ear. “Yeah, sorry.”

“You okay?” I could hear the concern in her voice.

My phone-holding hand shook so hard I could barely keep it next to my ear. Staring at the shawl, I had a brief moment of tunnel vision. “I will be,” I said. “I just hope Rory gets back to us fast.”


What do you think? Have your suspicions been confirmed? 😉

I’m off to write some more; I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday!


7 thoughts on “Unraveled, Part 7

  1. Am I crazy or is part 7 the same as part 6 that was posted on 1-24-16? I really look for your next installments. maybe I’m confused.


  2. Thanks for the prompt reply! Now that I’ve had this week’s fix, I can continue on. You should be ashamed your writing is so addictive!


    1. Thanks for letting me know about it, Gayla! I must have really spaced out! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the story, and thanks for saying my writing is addictive – you totally made my day. 😀


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