A Post About Buggles





It’s been a while! It’s been very busy around here, so this will be a quick post. I thought I’d try putting all my pictures first with the writing at the bottom, like Bunny Mummy and Pink Milk do. Just for a change.

This is one of the most fun craft projects I’ve ever done! It’s a tutorial from Pebbles & Piggytails that I found on Pinterest. Usually when I try things from Pinterest they turn out nothing like the picture, but not with the buggles! Basically, you glue a clear aquarium pebble over a piece of scrapbooking paper and add googly eyes. My mom, sister and I had a ton of fun drawing patterns on the paper (like the bumblebee and green plaid buggles you see.) I think we made over fifty of them.

I got an empty Altoid tin (they have so much crafting potential!) and glued some scrapbooking paper over that, then added a bow. It holds 12 buggles if you really squeeze them in there. It was fun picking out which ones to put in the tin! I think of the larger gray buggle as the parent or Responsible Adult of the bunch…but I feel bad for it, because that’s a lot of buggles to wrangle.

I would really recommend buggle-making as it’s an easy, relatively inexpensive craft to do. And you can have so much variety depending on what paper you use! As you know, most of the time my crafting is just crocheting, but it was fun to branch out. I’m quite attached to my buggles. 🙂

I hope you’re all having a lovely day – and happy (early) Halloween! Oh, and happy  (also early) NaNoWriMo if any of you are doing it. I don’t know if there are any writers following my blog. (I’m doing it, and I’m super excited to start writing my novel!)


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