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Hairdos for Really Long Hair: A Guest Post by Rapunzel

Hi again! This is Rapunzel. As a reminder, I’m doing some guest posts for Cogaroo while she’s away, and today I’ll be showing you some tips and tricks for doing really long hair.

Ever since I was first crocheted, I’ve struggled with maintaining optimal hair health. After all, my hair is about twice as tall as I am, and it’s hard to brush and style. Luckily I have a great friend who helps me with it, and she’s agreed to help me with this post!


This is a picture of Bleuette and me, next to her hairdoing supplies and my tangled mess of hair. Bleuette is a great hairstylist, and she had her work cut out for her with my hair. We came up with five hairstyles and ranked them from worst to best, which I now present to you.

#5: The Bun


Epic fail! I had way too much hair for this to work. Here’s a view from the back to make my point:


I actually fell over from the weight of my hair. Not going to work.

#4: The Loop-through


This was pretty practical, but it looks terrible (no offense, Bleuette.) It’s also very heavy. So we moved on to…

#3: Rope Braid


I love how this one looked (haha, it actually looks like a hank of yarn!) but it was pretty bunchy around my face, and Bleuette says it was almost impossible to do. Maybe for special occasions, but not for everyday wear.

#2: Four-STrand Braid


This one was my favorite! But again, it took Bleuette about twice as long to do this one as a normal braid, and I can’t imagine doing it on my own.

#1: Three-Strand Braid


This one was the winner! It’s possible to do on my own, and you can’t beat the traditional braid. Bleuette and I are both pleased with it. 🙂


That concludes our examination of several hairdos for Rapunzel-length hair…I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 I can’t believe this is my fourth guest post already! Hopefully you haven’t gotten tired of me yet. ❤

See you next week!

✿ Rapunzel ✿

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About the Author

IMG_4303Rapunzel is an eighteen-year-old crocheter, who is also a crocheted doll. Much of her time is spent wrangling her yard of hair, but she also loves writing, reading, candlestick making, and anything involving crafts. Once she accidentally glued a skein of yarn to her own hair. She’s loving her summer job guest posting for Cogaroo, and now she wants her own blog!


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