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Guest Posting 101: A Guest Post by Rapunzel

Hi, everyone! This is Rapunzel. As a reminder, I’m doing some guest posts while Cogaroo is away, which I’m really excited about – the guest posts, not Cogaroo being away. 🙂

After I did my last post about the rag rug, I realized that guest posting has its own science – there are certain things a person should and shouldn’t do when they’re posting on someone else’s blog. I put a lot of thought into this before my first post, and I thought I would share my ideas with you, in case you ever wanted to guest post on somebody’s blog!


1. Know your audience

This is fairly evident, but if you’re posting on a sports-themed blog, you wouldn’t discuss Les Misérables or the best way to make a smoothie. You might, however, post about the best running shoes or ways to store your hockey sticks. Since I’m posting on Cogaroo Crafts, my posts will have something to do with crafting (apart from this one – but it’s still relevant!)

On the other hand, you probably wouldn’t have been offered a chance to guest post if you posted for a different audience. Still, it’s good to remember who will be reading your posts.

2. Read The archives

Before I wrote my first post, I went through most of Cogaroo’s archives to see what she liked to post about. I found that most of her posts were about crochet, and she also does a lot of doll related stuff. It’s good to make sure you don’t end up repeating a past post (so if I posted a pattern for Cinderella’s wedding dress, for example, that would be bad because Cogaroo’s already done that) – but you should also think about making your posts similar.

3. Introduce Yourself

If their typical blogger isn’t around, people want to get to know you. So tell them your name, a couple things about yourself, and be friendly. Use a couple emojis if you want! 🙂 At the end of my posts, there’s an ‘About the Author’ section with my picture and a little bit about me. This is a nice way of providing that information without repeating it every post.

4. Figure Out The Comment Situation

There are a couple situations in which you would guest post: one is filling in while the blogger’s on vacation (like me), and one is just a ‘hey do you want to post?’ kind of thing. Either way, you should check and see what you should do about comments. Do you need to approve them? Should you reply to them? Cogaroo and I decided that we would wait until she returned to reply to comments. If someone asks a question, though, it’s probably best to reply to that.

If you’re using that person’s blogging account, make sure to sign your name at the end. For example, if I replied to a comment and said “Having yarn hair is really rough!”, it would look weird if “Cogaroo” showed up with that.

5. Be courteous

This is not the place to go ranting about the blogger. Even if you dislike their blog layout or something, it’s probably best to not say “I hate this sidebar! Nothing’s in order!” You could voice that concern to them, but don’t try and turn their followers against them. (I realize this sounds like staging a rebellion. Don’t do that either.) Also, don’t bring up political issues or any subjects that can make people pull out their soapboxes. Unless, of course, the blog is solely about controversial subjects!

6. Thank your host

Even just a nice “Thanks so much to Cogaroo for giving me this opportunity!” will do wonders. After all, you’re grateful for the opportunity, right? You’re more likely to be invited back if you give a thank-you, and it will make the readers look favorably upon you.

7. Make your posts concise but meaningful

This is something I can struggle with, I admit it – but it’s important. If you waffle on for 3,000 words while the typical post length is about 500, it won’t fit with the blog. If you do a three-word microblog post, that wouldn’t fit either. I like to give an introduction, talk a little bit about the topic, and then sign off. Also, if you don’t have something meaningful to say, don’t guest post in the first place! For example, in the last post, if I just wrote “I crocheted a rag rug” and inserted a picture, that would be kind of pointless.

Tip #8: Post cool pictures like Rapunzel posing by the Rapunzel tomatoes! :)
Bonus Tip: Post cool pictures like Rapunzel posing by the Rapunzel tomatoes! 🙂

What do you think about these tips? Do you have anything you’d like to add?

I’ll see you next Monday for another guest post (in which I’ll try to follow all my self-appointed rules). 🙂

Peace, love, and pogo sticks,

✿ Rapunzel ✿

Design B

About the Author

IMG_4303Rapunzel is an eighteen-year-old crocheter, who is also a crocheted doll. Much of her time is spent wrangling her yard of hair, but she also loves writing, reading, candlestick making, and anything involving crafts. Once she accidentally glued a skein of yarn to her own hair. She’s loving her summer job guest posting for Cogaroo, and now she wants her own blog!


4 thoughts on “Guest Posting 101: A Guest Post by Rapunzel

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful, filliefanatic! Hehe, I liked checking out the Rapunzel tomatoes. It made me feel famous to have something named after me! XD

      ✿ Rapunzel ✿


  1. Nice work, Rapunzel! And I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to let down your hair and just be yourself with us.

    I would make a horrible guest blogger as I am awfully prone to the 3000-word type of post. Especially if there’s a crochet pattern involved. 🙂

    If you see Cogaroo, please wish her a happy vacation from me.


    1. Hi Mrs. M! I do feel a lot more comfortable guest posting now. I’m trying to convince Cogaroo to let me guest post again – we’ll see! 😉

      I think you would make a great guest blogger! Your posts are always wonderful. I know Cogaroo loves your 3,000-word posts too. (She showed me your blog after you commented.) Oh, and Cogaroo says thank you for your vacation wishes. 🙂

      ✿ Rapunzel ✿


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