Summer Dress for Disney Mini Animator Doll: Free Crochet Pattern

That was a long title, but I’m delighted to be sharing this new pattern with you!

First, a word on this new type of doll. Disney Animators’ Collection Dolls are designed to look like the younger version of the movie character, and recently they started making mini versions of these dolls. The mini versions also come with a bunch of accessories relating to their movie, in a carrying case.

I received Elsa as a gift on Easter, and loved her! So I waited eagerly for them to release mini Rapunzel (she’s my favorite princess), which happened last Tuesday, and I promptly ordered her. Well, she arrived today, and I had to crochet her a dress! Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?


I love the little easel she comes with. 🙂

This is actually just a pattern for the bodice (sounds fancy)…it’s like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure dress. You can pick whatever stitch pattern you want for the skirt; I’ll go into more detail on that later.


  • Small amount of Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo Crochet Thread (size 10). I usually use typical cotton thread, but I just got this and wanted to try it out…and I never want to go back! It’s so soft and has great drape (plus I love this coral color.)
  • 2.1 MM crochet hook
  • Needle & thread
  • Small white button
  • Mini ribbon rose for embellishment, if desired

Pattern notes & Special stitches

  • Dress is worked from side to side to make the bodice, then the skirt is worked in joined, unturned rounds.
  • There are some short rows to shape the back of the bodice – don’t worry, it’s easy! You’ll work part of the way across, then turn and work across the shorter row, then turn and crochet across the entire row (so, 3 ‘mini rows’ in total.) I’ll label these ‘Row 1a, 1b, and 1c for clarity (with whatever number applies.)



Leaving a foot-long tail, ch 11. You’ll use this tail to crochet a button loop at the end.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across. You should have 10 stitches for this row and every row after. Crochet over your beginning tail on Row 2, which will put it on the correct side for the buttonhole at the end.

Row 2a: Ch 1, turn, sc in first 3 sts, sl st in next st.
Row 2b: Turn, skip sl st, sc in next 3 sts.
Row 2c: Ch 1, turn, sc in next 3 sts and in original 7 sts from 2a. (10 stitches again)

Row 3-5: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across.

Row 6: Ch 2, turn, dc in first st (or use your preferred first dc of the row), dc in next 6 sts, ch 2, sk 2, dc in last st.

Row 7-15: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across.

Row 16: Repeat Row 6.

Row 17-19: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across.

Row 20a: Ch 1, turn, sc in first 5 sts, sl st in next st.
Row 20b: Turn, skip sl st, sc in next 5 sts.
Row 20c: Ch 1, turn, sc in next 5 sts and in original 5 sts from 20a. (10 stitches again)

Row 21: Ch 1, turn, sc in each st across.

Sl st to the other side of the bodice to create the skirt opening. Ch 1 and crochet 26 sc evenly around. There are 21 rows, but some of them are wider than others, so it should work out fairly close. Sl st to the 1st sc. Now we’ll start the skirt.


I want to thank Kristen for introducing me to the typed diagram technique. I’m really excited about this! So now you get a tidier, more professional-looking chart. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.23.32 PM

Stitch Key:

o = chain (also 8 and º)
. = slip stitch
x = single crochet
Ŧ = double crochet

closeup of the short rows

closeup of the short rows [Note: I edited the pattern so it’s symmetrical in the back – aka the gap is in the middle, not on the right. So it will look better than this picture.]

Choose Your Own Skirt Pattern

This dress is versatile in that you can pick whatever stitch pattern you want for the skirt. I chose a V-stitch because it looked nice with the thread. It just so happened that Mamma That Makes’ Davida Gown used this too, so I sort of followed her pattern. I’m going to write out my modifications below.

My skirt modificatons: Your first V-stitch of each row will be (ch 3, dc in same space), with the chain 3 counting as dc + ch 1. The first row is one V-st in every other stitch, so 13 total. Rows 2-7 are V-st in every V-st around. Then Row 8 is the edging from the gown pattern.

To finish, use your foot-long tail and pull up a loop at the edge of the bodice, ch 4, and sl st into the same st. Fasten off and weave in your ends. You should have only 2. Then sew a button onto the other side (try it on the doll to see what fits) and add a rose if desired. You’re done!


I hope you enjoyed this pattern! I will also mention that I’ll be taking a bloggy break starting next weekend – just thought I would give a heads-up. So if you have any life-altering pattern concerns, now would be the time to express them. ❤

Have a nice evening (or whatever time it is where you live)!

4 thoughts on “Summer Dress for Disney Mini Animator Doll: Free Crochet Pattern

    • Cogaroo says:

      Thank you so much, Grace! (I love your username, by the way! I’m a huge Frozen fan.) These dresses are pretty addictive to make, if only because the dolls are so cute! I will definitely be collecting more…I just want them to do a mini version of Mulan, who’s my new favorite princess. 🙂

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