Granny Triangle Barefoot Sandals: Free Crochet Pattern

First of all, thank you so much for your enthusiasm about the Summer Craft-Along! I’m so pleased to have so many of you joining in. (Could I say ‘so’ any more in those sentences?) 😀

Barefoot sandals seem to be popular lately, and there are lots of crochet patterns for them (check out this roundup on Moogly to see what I mean.) I hadn’t heard of them until I saw that roundup, and I thought they were the strangest things ever ~ they don’t offer support or protection, it’s basically just jewelry for your foot!

After making a few pairs from other people’s patterns, I had a go at designing my own. They would make a good beginner project, because they’re just a triangle with a loop and two ties. (No way am I posting a picture of my foot! But here they are in the grass.)


At first I thought just making a Granny Triangle would work, but for some reason it never lays flat when I make it (I think I’m a tighter crocheter or something.) So using that as inspiration, I frogged and modified and ended up with something rather different. The toe loop is crocheted as you go, in the last round, then the ties are crocheted on separately. They’re really very easy to make and would be perfect for summer, or the beach… *blissful sigh*


  • Small amount of worsted weight yarn (cotton works better, but I’ve used acrylic as well)
  • I (5.50 MM) hook


Chain 4, join with a slip stitch to form a ring. (I like to use Mrs. Micawber’s Knotless Chain – you’ll notice it turns up in pretty much all my patterns!)

Round 1: Ch 1. *3 sc into the ring, ch 4* 3 times, sl st to 1st sc to join.

Round 2: Sl st into each of the next 2 sc, then sl st into the ch 4 space to get you into the proper positioning. Ch 2 (or 3 if you prefer – it counts as your first dc), 2 dc in the same space. Ch 3, 3 dc in the same space, ch 1. *(3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) into the next ch-4 space, ch 1* 2 times. Sl st to starting chain to join.

Round 3: Ch 1, sc in same st and in next 2 sts. Work the following into the next chain space: 2 sc, ch 10 to form the toe loop (make more or less if you need, to fit around your toe), 2 sc. *Sc in the next 3 dc, sc in chain space, sc in the next 3 dc, (2 sc, ch 1, 2 sc) in the chain-3 space* 2 times. Sc in the next 3 dc, sc in the chain space, sl st to 1st sc to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Chain 50 (or however long you want your tie to be.) Find the edge opposite the toe loop, and sc into the stitch, on the right side, directly after the chain 1 space in the corner. Sc in each stitch across, stopping right before the next chain 1 space. Chain 50 and fasten off. I don’t weave in the ends on the ties because it’s hard to hide the ends. Instead I pull it tight, making a knot, and cut off the yarn.


What about you, have you ever made any barefoot sandals? I can’t think of a time when they’d be very practical – and I never wear them! – but they’re fun to make nevertheless, as you can tell from the above picture they’re rather addictive to make …

I hope you have a wonderful day, with sunshine and yarn. I’ll talk to you later!


3 thoughts on “Granny Triangle Barefoot Sandals: Free Crochet Pattern

  1. Maritza says:

    Gracias, estoy buscando ayuda para hacer mis primeros pies descalzos, si tiene algún esquema le agradecería porque en la explicación escrita me pierdo no entiendo algunas abreviaturas. Muchas Gracias. Éxitos en todos sus proyectos y Feliz Año Nuevo.


    • Claire says:

      Hi Sarah! Sorry you’re having trouble with the toe loop – I’ll try and upload a chart to see if that helps. From memory, the last round is just basically single crochet until you reach a corner loop, then you make the toe loop, then just keep crocheting across the sides. So you could try modifying like that. Sorry for the delayed response, I was on hiatus. But good luck! 🙂


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