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Master has given Dobby a scarf!

Greetings, fellow Muggles (and wizards, if you’re reading this!)

I saw this post on Inner Child Crochet and knew, of course, that I had to have my own Gryffindor scarf. (In case you weren’t aware, I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan.) I’ve never crocheted with self-striping yarn before – it’s great because I hate weaving in ends, but I love stripes!

There was a small problem, though – it was going to take me forever to knit a scarf, and I didn’t have the right size knitting needles, and I don’t really enjoy knitting. So, I knew I had to find a crochet pattern. I saw a pattern that used Tunisian knit stitch, which I had been contemplating, but I was worried it would be too tight and therefore curl a lot. The solution – use a really big hook!

Here’s my finished scarf (and the worst photoshop job known to Muggle-kind). I’m planning on taking better pictures soon, but I couldn’t resist:


I’m going to write down the modifications I did, for my own future reference – and yours, if you feel like it. This pattern isn’t anything new in the world of Harry Potter scarves, but what are blogs for if you can’t leave a note to your future self? 🙂


  • 1.5 skeins of Red Heart Team Spirit in burgundy/gold
  • L (8.00 MM) crochet hook

Modified Pattern

Row 1: Chain 15, pull up a loop in the 2nd ch and in each ch across. Do the return pass.

Row 2: Tunisian knit stitch in each st across.

Repeat this row over…and over…and over…until your scarf is as long as you want. Mine can wrap around my neck twice and still hang down to my waist (not counting the fringe.) With my gauge, each different-colored section of yarn got about 10 rows. When you’re joining the second skein just be careful the stripes match up! My scarf has 27 blocks of color. So that’s about 270 rows…and 3,780 stitches. Sirius-ly! (Sorry, that was a terrible pun.)


I wrapped the yarn around a hardcover book a bunch of times and then cut one end. I hooked 3 strands at a time through the stitches, alternating colors – one gold tassel/fringe, one burgundy, etc.

Now I want to make the third-year-and-up version of the scarf – with large stripes of burgundy and smaller rows of gold! There’s always more to crochet as I watch more HP movies. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Master has given Dobby a scarf!

    1. Wow, thank you, filliefanatic! I just did a quick photoshop job in Preview, but I’m delighted you thought it was real… 😀 Ooh, that’s a great idea! I have about half a skein left, I’ll see if I can do a beanie with that. Thanks so much for the suggestion – now I’m really excited to use up the rest of it!


    1. Thank you, nevillegirl! There’s lots of Harry Potter scarves on Etsy, if you really wanted to own one. 🙂 I’d never crocheted with self-striping yarn before, but it was really fun…stripes without all the work!

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