8 Reasons Why I Love Lion Brand Bonbons

I went to Joann Fabrics today, and Lion Brand Bonbons were on clearance for $4. Normally they’re $8! So I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to get some cute little tiny skeins of yarn.

I was thinking about why I love this yarn so much and realized there are a lot of reasons. So just for fun, here are 8 reasons why I love Bonbons (8 reasons because there are 8 skeins of yarn in each package!)

This isn’t a sponsored post – I genuinely love this yarn and want to share it with the world. (The love, not the yarn. I’m not sharing the yarn. 🙂 )

Photo on 6-4-15 at 2.46 PM

1. They’re adorable!

Honestly, that’s probably everyone’s first thought when they see them in stores, right? “Look at the baby skeins of yarn!” Nothing’s quite as cute as itty bitty skeins of yarn. You definitely have the cute factor wherever you put them, whether it’s in the package, in a glass bowl, or in your hands.

2. You get 8 colors in a package.

I like this because you can do a project that requires a lot of colors but not a lot of yardage. Usually I veer away from colorful projects because you have to buy a lot of yarn – try buying 10 skeins of yarn and using only a tiny bit of each! Bonbons are perfect for colorful, small projects.

3. The colors go well together.

This is a big one because I love colors, but I’m really bad at creating good color combinations! Take Lucy of Attic24’s beautiful afghans, for example – I could never put those colors together on my own, that’s why she sells yarn packs with the exact colors she used. In a pack of Bonbons, the colors were picked to go well with each other – and they have lots of different palettes. I saw some sparkly holiday-colored yarn and a spring-like pack just on my short trip today.

4. They come in different weights.

My first pack of Bonbons was sport weight, and the one I just got is worsted. So you can pick the weight you’re in the mood for!

5. They come in different fibers.

I’m generally an acrylic kind of person (wool sensitivities really narrow the yarn selection), but I know Bonbons also come in cotton, so that would be good for dishcloths and the like.

6. It’s a pretty good deal!

Think about it – 8 mini skeins for about $8 is a dollar a mini skein. If you get them on discount, even better! Sometimes you really only need a few yards of each color, so it would be cost-prohibitive to buy a regular-size skein. I firmly believe it’s worth every penny just to see the adorable skeins of yarn in person. 😉

7. There are lots of patterns available.

Well, maybe not a ton, but I can think of several patterns off the top of my head that specifically call for Lion Brand Bonbons. I did a little research and found a bunch more, too! I’m thinking about making some rings or maybe a necklace. Also, I think these bangles would be adorable…

8. They make a good gift.

I actually received two packs of Bonbons as a gift, not at the same time. I can tell you firsthand that it completely made my day, so if you know a yarn crafter, this would be a fantastic present for them. Also, this would be cool for a crochet class, if you were teaching people how to change colors.


We haven’t had a poll here in a while, so how about this?

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, yarn-filled day. I know this post was kind of random, but it was fun! I hope to be back soon with more patterns. 🙂


4 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I Love Lion Brand Bonbons

    1. They’re not sold in Australia?! I’m really sorry about that! 😦 They’re sold on Amazon, though, so if they ship to Australia then that could still work. Yarns should really be international…


  1. I’m always drawn to them when I see them at Joann’s but I never buy them. They are cute but I always wonder why I just wouldn’t make my own little bonbons with my existing yarn. But still…they are cute 🙂


    1. That’s a good idea to make them with your existing yarn! I don’t usually buy them in the store, but since they were on sale… 🙂 Now I’m wondering how to go about winding mini skeins of yarn!


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