Pumpkin Pi ~ Free Crochet Pattern! π

As it gets closer to Halloween, the seasonal crochet patterns start rolling in – I’ve had this pattern written up since last Pi Day, but I wanted to wait until it was more relevant. Finally, the day has arrived and I can share it with you!

I had trouble thinking of an original name, so this picture should explain the title! (This picture was from my Pi Day post, where you can get the pattern for  the π part.)


  • Worsted-weight yarn in two colors, for the pumpkin and stalk (I was unoriginal and did orange and green, respectively. This would be a great use for that glow in the dark yarn!)
  • size G (4.00 MM) crochet hook for the pumpkin, and size H (5.00 MM) for the stalk. If you wanted the stalk to be skinnier, stick with the G hook throughout.
  • Teeny tiny blob of stuffing
  • If you wanted to do a face on your pumpkin, you could certainly do that; I just left mine plain.

Special Stitches

I use US terms in all of my patterns, here’s a quick list of the stitches used and their corresponding UK terms:

US single crochet (sc) = UK double crochet (dc)
US double crochet (dc) = UK triple crochet (tr)

  • Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc): YO, insert hook from right to left around the post of indicated stitch, YO, pull up a loop, (YO, pull through 2 loops) twice.  HERE is a good tutorial on Moogly.


This is worked in a continuous spiral unless otherwise indicated, so do not join your rounds.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in a Magic Ring, or ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in each st around.

Rnd 3: *Fpdc around 1st sc from 1st rnd, 2 sc in next sc* around.

Rnd 4: *1 fpdc around fpdc from last rnd, sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc* around.

Rnd 5-7: *1 fpdc around fpdc from last rnd, sc in next 3 sc* around.

Rnd 8: *1 fpdc around fpdc from last rnd, sc in next sc, sc2tog* around.

Rnd 9: *1 fpdc around fpdc from last rnd, sc2tog* around.

Rnd 10: *1 fpdc around fpdc from last rnd, sk next sc* around. Sl st to 1st fpdc to join.

Switch to stalk-colored yarn and larger hook.

Rnd 11-12 (or desired stalk length):  Sc in each st around. At the end of the last rnd, sl st to 1st sc and end off. Weave in ends.


Your pumpkin is done! Now go, make a few more, and display them on your mantel/shelf/porch for everyone to behold.  Or give a few out to lucky trick-or-treaters. 🙂


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