Help me win some yarn! (pretty please)

So, I feel somewhat strange posting this, but I really do need your help. After all, it’s about YARN! 😀

Remember the Design Your Own Wig Contest? I posted about my entry HERE, and now it’s voting time. The prize is a mystery box of yarn from Red Heart. In addition to making me super-amazingly-delighted, that would mean I could make more patterns for all of you!

Anyways, if you’d like to help me out by voting, I would be really appreciate it and would be eternally grateful. Just visit the Facebook gallery **HERE** and ‘like’ the picture of my ‘Tree Nymph Wig.’

The results will be announced on September 30th, so you still have a couple days! Thank you so much if you do vote for me. *virtual hug* (And if you were wondering, I’ll have a new free pattern soon, too – hopefully next week! Here’s a hint – it’s being modeled by Beethoven.)

Because I can never resist posting pictures of chickens… 🙂

Your comments make me happy :D

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