Tree Nymph Wig!

At the beginning of September, I found out about Posh Pooch Dog Designs’ Wig Contest! Of course I entered, the prize is yarn. 🙂 I finished my wig a week or so ago, but being a procrastinator, these pictures are coming in a grand total of ONE DAY before the deadline. You had to use her wig pattern, but you could use any colors or embellishments.

It was hard to decide what to make. At first I thought I would make an Elsa wig, kind of like this one, but that was really unoriginal, plus the shape of the wig pattern wouldn’t work for it. Besides, there was the problem that I didn’t have any natural hair colors. I mostly had green. So an idea started to form…a TREE NYMPH WIG!

I’m kind of embarrassed to show you this picture…I covered up my face, but it looks kind of weird. Don’t laugh…

Tree Nymph Wig Front

Also note the frame and text from iPiccy. Love that site! Technically the frame is holly leaves…but I don’t discriminate by season. 🙂

tree nymph side

I used the basic wig pattern but I did 5 rows of light green alternating with 2 rows of dark green, did the bangs in brown, then used foundation single crochet in dark green to extend it and continued on as normal. The fsc just gives it more of a stretch.

tree nymph back

It looks like a cactus from here. XD It’s quite warm…I guess because it’s made of all single crochets? Originally I was going to cover it with crochet leaves, but I decided I like the stripes as is. I’d love to try this out for the Barbies, or maybe for spare Liv Doll wigs that wouldn’t get matted. Hmm. I keep thinking of new variations!

I’ll be off now, so I can go submit this on time (deadlines are a great motivational tool.) Have you crocheted any wigs lately, or other cool stuff?


6 thoughts on “Tree Nymph Wig!

    • Cogaroo says:

      Thank you, River! I’d made a Rapunzel wig before this, but it was a regular crochet beanie with yarn strands added. I like how this one has a shape. I’m glad Posh Pooches had her contest so I could try it out!

      It does seem to be a great stashbusting project – and you’d have an awesome multicolored wig!


  1. Sue says:

    I’m sorry I missed this – I would have voted for you in a flash!

    I like your wig – it has a kind of 20s vibe in terms of shape. Reminds me of a really cute bobbed haircut. 🙂


    • Cogaroo says:

      Thank you, Mrs. M, I appreciate it! I really liked the winner’s wig, though. There’s always more yarn in the future. 🙂

      I do like how this wig is shaped rather than being a regular beanie with yarn attached. (I’ve done one of those before, but this was a nice change.) There’s so many different ways to crochet things…so much yarn, so little time!


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