You know when you go to a blog and you want to see a picture, but there’s just a box with a question mark in it? I always wondered how that happened. Now I know…and of course I learned the hard way.

WordPress kept telling me I had almost used up all my space and I would need to buy a ‘storage update’ soon. I don’t know about you, but that’s not where I want to spend my money. I’d much rather spend it on yarn! I went through and merrily deleted all 70+ pages of pictures in my Media Library, watching it go from 98% of space used to 50% and finally to 2%, when it said ‘Media Library Empty.’

You’ve possibly guessed where this is going, right? You’d be right. Almost all of my pictures are gone. Gobbled up by the Cyberspace Monsters when I cheerfully clicked ‘Select All’ and ‘Delete Permanently.’ Goooooooooooone. *insert mournful wailing here*

It’s going to take AGES to add all of these pictures again. I don’t even know if I have them on iPhoto anymore – they’re certainly not in my WordPress library! The weird thing is, not all of them are gone, even though I deleted them all. For example, Elsa’s Crown still has pictures, and the Barbie Winter Princess Dress too. I have no idea why.


My pictures will have not have vanished in vain if I can prevent you from doing the same thing. I’m still pretty new to the inner workings of WordPress, despite having blogged for almost two years. Obviously I am. But there are some new bloggers who will fill up their media libraries and maybe not want to buy the storage upgrade. I hope you can find this post so you don’t go through the same thing!

So I want to apologize for the box-with-a-question-mark-in-it that you’re going to be seeing a lot around Cogaroo Crafts. I’ll start with the more popular posts, and I’ll hopefully get through all my patterns at some point…looking back, some of my pictures are just awful, so I’ll use this opportunity to retake a lot of them. It’ll look a lot better in the long run!

But in the short run…




  1. I’m so sorry that happened to you! You can always try flickr as I have a tooon of pictures on there and I dont even think I’m near limit.. If you need help with the html of linking the pictures, let me know and I’ll try to talk you through it.


    1. Thank you so much, dragonsashes, I really appreciate it. The flickr thing is a great idea, I may have to try that in the future – right now I’m just focusing on getting some important pictures back up. Thank you again for your support! 🙂


    1. Blogger is a bit of a mystery to me, but it seems like you’ve had your share of trouble with the disappearing posts from the Reader! I hope that has gotten resolved. I’m sure the picture problem will get resolved as well, and it is a great character-building adventure I guess! 🙂

      XD Thanks for the link, and for thinking of me – I wonder if Interweave is branching out!


  2. I didn’t know this was possible. Now I’m worried for myself. I’m very new to blogging and probably won’t run into this problem for a while but it’s definitely something to think about. Dragonsashes mentions using flickr and using html to link pictures. I have no idea what that means. I’ll have to look into things but thank you so much for the warning!


    1. I’m with you, Jess, I didn’t know this could happen! I’m glad I could warn you though. Yes, flickr is a good idea, but I’m not sure how to insert pictures from there…that will be something to investigate in the future. If I could give my past self some advice, it would be to only upload pictures I know I’m going to use in the blog post. I must have had over a hundred pictures I had never used, and it does add up! Other than that, though, I guess the storage upgrade is the way to go. Good luck with your blogging! 🙂


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