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Barbie Sleeping Bag ~ Free Pattern

Hello again! It’s been a bit since I talked to (or more accurately, blogged at) you – thank you for your lovely comments, and hello to any new followers. *waves*

Today I came to the conclusion that the Barbies residing in our house needed a sleeping bag or two. I just don’t know how comfortable a pink plastic bed can be. In case you’ve experienced the same lack of sleeping bags and want to change that, here’s the pattern. It’s really as basic as you can get, just double crochets, but maybe some of you will find it useful.


The color in these pictures is not too accurate, but since I’m not selling paint or yarn it’s not critical. 🙂 Merida’s hair is difficult for the camera, maybe.


  • Worsted-weight yarn (I used I Love This Yarn, which is my favorite brand)
  • J (6.00 MM) hook
  • 3 buttons (size is unimportant as you can adjust the buttonhole size)


I use US crochet terms in all of my patterns. Here’s a chart listing the US -> UK terms with the abbreviations.

US to UK Terminology

Round 1: Ch 11. Sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in each chain across. Flip it around so you can crochet across on the other side of the starting chain. Sc in next 10 stitches. Sl st to first sc. (20 stitches now and throughout)

Round 2-11: Ch 2, turn. Dc in each st across. Sl st to first dc to join.

Row 12-17: Ch 2, turn. Dc in each st across. Do not join. (This makes the flap that you add buttons on later.)

Row 18: Ch 1, turn. Sc in each st across. Do not fasten off.


As you can see from the above picture, the sleeping bag is basically just a long tube with one part unjoined. We’re going to crochet along one side of the unjoined part to make the buttonholes as follows…

Working along the edge, *ch 3, sc in next 6 stitches* (they’re not really stitches, though – put your hook through a random space in the side), repeat from * to *, then ch 3 and sc in same st. Fasten off, weave in ends.


Sew three buttons to the other side of the unjoined part, across from the buttonholes. I do realize those are Detroit Tiger colors. Maybe the Barbies need a baseball. 🙂


Now Merida is set for if she wants to go camping (or if she wants to have a nice night’s sleep without a pink plastic bed!) 😉

I hope you have a lovely day, all you wonderful followers and anyone who happened to randomly read this. May the odds be ever in your favor!


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