Elsa’s Crown ~ Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

There are three different thoughts I imagine you having as you read this post. One, “MORE FROZEN STUFF? I can’t take it anymore!” Two, “Yay, more Frozen stuff!” Three, and this is probably the most likely, “This Cogaroo person is obsessed! When is it going to end?” You’d be right on that count. I am very obsessed with Frozen, but I know some of you guys are too, and since there’s a serious lack of free Frozen patterns out there I’m trying to remedy that a bit. 🙂

I wanted to crochet a crown for my Elsa Barbie, but I was having a lot of trouble so I started with a larger version with yarn instead of crochet thread. Then I made another one so I could take pictures for a tutorial.


…and you can Google to see some pictures (it always helps when you know what it looks like.)

You can make a bunch of these for under $3, if you already have some basic crafting equipment. You do need some way to attach the crown to your head; I hot-glued mine to a headband, which is the easiest and most effective way I found. It took me about a half hour once I figured out the pattern. So if you have a child begging you to make them a crown, this might be the pattern for you. Also, of course, you could make one for yourself. I’ve seen some excellent Elsa costumes, and where would they be without a crown?

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Disney and I do not own Frozen (although I wish I did!) This post is purely out of love for Frozen and not for any money or whatever. 🙂



Following are the materials I used.

  • Worsted weight yarn ~ this is Caron Simply Soft in a gold color, I think it’s called Golden, but I might be thinking of another brand of yarn.
  • Size H (5.00 MM) hook
  • Yarn needle (not pictured)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bead for in the middle
  • Headband

I use US crochet terms in all of my patterns.

Here’s a gallery of the step-by-step pictures, which somehow vanished from the post. Do I know why? No. I hope this works. I will put them in properly sometime, but I wanted to put the pictures back in as quickly as I could, so here we go:

I will put the directions in with the pictures. ETA: Sorry, forgot to mention that you need to hold 2 STRANDS of yarn together this whole time. Ready? Let’s go!


Chain 14, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across (13) (No idea why the pictures won’t rotate, but you can turn your screen to the left, right? 😉 )

Ch 1, turn, and get ready to crochet back across. This pattern is a little more complex than the rest of my patterns, so I’ll write it in a different format. There are 13 stitches to work into. Some of the stitches have a bunch of stitches worked into them, and this can get confusing in the typical setup. So, I’ll do something like “Stitch 1” and then list what you work into that stitch, then “Stitch 2” and what you do into that, et cetera. Hopefully it’s not too confusing.


Stitch 1: (The turning chain doesn’t count as a stitch.) Sc, dc, ch 2, sl st in top of dc (as in above photo), sc in same stitch.


Stitches 2 & 3: slip stitch into both stitches.


Stitch 4: Slip stitch into stitch. Ch 10. Work in back loops only. Do the following stitches, starting in the second chain from the hook: sl st, sc, sc, hdc2tog, dc3tog, 2hdc in next st. Slip stitch into the original stitch. (above picture shows what this looks like at the end)

Stitches 5 & 6: Slip stitch into both stitches.


Stitch 7 (middle): Slip stitch into stitch. Ch 15. Skip 12 chains and slip stitch in the back bumps of the remaining 3. Slip stitch into original stitch. (above picture)

Stitches 8 & 9: Slip stitch into both stitches.


Stitch 10: Sl st into st. Ch 8. Work in back bumps, do the following stitches: starting in second chain from hook sl st, sc, sc, 2hdc in same st, 2dc in same st, hdc2tog. Sl st in original stitch.

Stitches 11 & 12: Sl st into both stitches.


Stitch 13: (Sc, dc, ch 2, sl st into top of dc, sc) all in same stitch (forms point as in above picture), sl st in same st, ch 1, f/o weave in ends.


Join yarn to the indicated stitch. It’s the first slip stitch after the curvy part on the right. We’re going to work around the center loop to fill it out a bit.


Start off with doing 3 dc along the slip stitches from the loop (the slip stitches you made after skipping 12 chains.) Then, work into the back loop of the chains. Along the next six stitches, hdc, sc, 4 sl sts. Then chain 2, sl st into 2nd ch from hook to form a picot.


Then work down the other side of the chains with 4 sl sts, sc, hdc, then dc in the next 3 sts. Sl st in the next sl st before the left curvy part. F/o and weave in your ends.

Here’s a somewhat messy chart that might help:


You need to make another piece now…


Then carefully hot glue them together (this makes it sturdy and less likely to flop over.)



Finally, coat your headband in hot glue, where the crown will go on top. Smush the crown on top and pinch it there until it dries. Now you can put a bead up top.


And then you can happily wear it with Elsa’s Coronation Hairstyle. 🙂 Or you can make a version in thread for a lucky Barbie (I still need to do that, I’ll try and post about it if I do.)

Let me know if you have any questions, and as always, I’d ❤ it if you sent me pictures if you make one 😀

Have a lovely, hopefully-not-frozen day!


P.S. You can click here if you want to see my other Frozen designs.


16 thoughts on “Elsa’s Crown ~ Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

  1. Heather says:

    I am trying to make this and for some reason the pictures aren’t loading. What do you mean when you say make another piece? Thanks! My little girl is very excited about this!


    • Cogaroo says:

      I accidentally deleted the pictures from my blog, I’ll be adding them back in as soon as I can. Sorry about the inconvenience! In the meantime, by ‘make another piece’ I mean to follow the directions for the crown so you have two of them, then glue them back-to-back. I hope that helps! I’m sure your little girl will love having her own crown. 🙂


      • Anna says:

        Please do put the pictures back up, it is difficult to attach the yarn back on at the right place without the picture. Good thing this is the second time I made this, and I sort of remember what I did last time.


  2. janie storer says:

    I came across this and immediately thought this is just perfect for my cousins girl, who I promised a frozen themed hat.

    I know it isn’t strictly a hat, but I shall make her a hat as well. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern with us all.

    Also linking on my facebook, tsu and twitter if that is ok?


    • Cogaroo says:

      That’s so sweet! I hope she likes the crown/hat. I’ve also seen some hats that have a crown appliqué on them, like this one, you could always do something like that! 🙂

      You’re welcome to link wherever you like – thanks for your interest and for asking!


  3. Stephanie says:

    Have you thought of doing VIDEO tutorials? Being a knitter and always trying to figure out crochet patterns, I would LOVE to see a video of this one. It’s a bit too complicated for me to decipher through pictures. Wonderful Job! I’ve looked everywhere for a version of this knit or crochet and yours is the best.


    • Claire says:

      I have actually thought about doing video tutorials before. It’s definitely on my to-do list. Right now I’m figuring out how to work wordpress.org, but I would really like to start doing video tutorials too. I agree that they really do help – actually, I learned to crochet from a combination of a book and YouTube. Maybe I will tackle it later in the year. Thank you so much for your comment! 😀


      • Stephanie says:

        Hi Claire, I’ve decided to try to figure out how to do all of these crazy chains 🙂 so that I can make this for my daughter. BUT since last writing to you all of your pictures have vanished and I will really need pictures. Any chance you can replace them??
        Thank You! I looked at your other patterns too, you are truly talented, thanks for sharing.


      • Claire says:

        Oh no, they disappeared again! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll work on putting them back in the pattern. I’m rather annoyed at WordPress, because my pictures vanished once before so I put them back in the post, but now they’re gone again…a mystery, I guess.

        In any case, I’m sorry about the inconvenience; it’s so cool that you’re crocheting this for your daughter! Please let me know if you have any questions along the way, and I’d be happy to help. I agree that the pictures are very helpful; thanks for your comment! 🙂


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