You know you’re a crocheter when…

You find yarn scraps in the bathtub.

After long road trips, you find a trail of yarn stretching from the car door to the house (after shutting it in the door by mistake.)


Many pictures of your pets look like this.

You walk by the processed foods aisle, see a box of Twinkies, and instantly think of Twinkie Chan.*

You shudder whenever someone asks, “What are you knitting?” **

You have an entire bookshelf devoted to crochet books.

People begin telling you that you have too much time on your hands.


Your idea of outdoor exercise is sitting on a bench crocheting.

You see a crochet cactus picture and can identify exactly which amigurumi book it’s from.

“People-watching” consists of identifying which crochet stitch their hats are made of.

You memorize the 6 multiplication tables better than any others.***

When asked what your favorite place is, you answer “the yarn store.”


You make amigurumi versions of your favorite characters. (The above one is Katniss.)

You can chain without looking at what you’re doing.

You have more than one crochet hook in the same size.

Half of the pictures in your iPhoto library look like this:

You crochet so many scarves that they don’t fit in your drawer anymore.

To the average pedestrian, a crochet pattern looks like a foreign language, but you can read it without batting an eye.

You get annoyed when Microsoft Words says you’ve spelled “sc” wrong.****

When coming up with names for a story, the first one that pops into your head is “Nicki Trench”. (The author of Cute and Easy Crochet.)

Your salary is dubbed the “Yarn Fund.”


You crochet sweaters for your trees.

When someone says “hairpin,” you think they’re talking about hairpin lace.

You view estate sales as a great way to get yarn at a discount!

Nobody else understands your craft. Otherwise, why would they tell you you have too much yarn?

You can recite over twenty crochet blogs when asked what blogs you follow.

Chickens are in no way exempted from your obsession.


These have all happened to me; have any happened to you? Feel free to leave your own in the comments! You can join if you’re a knitter, too ~ I’m a crocheter, but this is a non-exclusive compilation. 😀

This post was inspired by the “You know you’re a chicken addict when…” post by The Chicken Chick. Thanks for the idea!

*before the Twinkiepocalypse, that is
**with no offense to knitters
***because they’re used so often in amigurumi
****WordPress agrees.



16 thoughts on “You know you’re a crocheter when…

      1. this year I had interchangeable needles, a yarn swift, a ball winder, and blocking mats on my wish list…along with a quilling comb, photo lightbox kit, and other assorted fun stuff. My family was very confused. 🙂


  1. Very funny and clever. Everyone one of these is so true…especially the shuddering at being asked if knitting. Is that dog wearing the slouchy granny rose hat? That is too cute! OK I am off to clean up more yarn scarps from under furniture and what not…


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