Valentiny Heart {Free Pattern}

Happy Valentine’s Day, my bloggy friends!

I made up this pattern this summer, but I never got around to posting it. I thought Valentine’s Day would be a good time and it’s not hard to figure out why…pretty much every crochet blog is posting hearts this time of year. ❤ I am going to follow suit. The more hearts the better, right? 😉

Pardon the close-up of my hand, but this picture really shows you how tiny they are. I have small hands and I think perhaps the hearts are an inch across. A tiny heart for Valentine’s Day = a Valentiny heart! ❤ (Please forgive my overuse of the heart emoticon.)



K (6.50 MM) hook

A few yards of worsted weight yarn

*I’ve made them with embroidery floss and a small hook too, which is pretty cute. Try different combinations and see what you get!


First of all, here’s the pattern in written form. It’s followed by a tutorial because you guys rock and this is your Valentine’s present. 🙂

Knotless chain 4*, join with a sl st to form a ring.

Ch 2, (2 dc, hdc, sc) into the ring, ch 2 (this forms the point), (sc, hdc, 2dc) into the ring, ch 2, sl st into the ring, ch 1, cut the yarn and pull it all the way through to fasten off.

*It creates a seamless center circle, I learned it from Mrs. Micawber and I’ve never gone back. Click here for her tutorial.


Here’s the tutorial. I have no idea why all the pictures are sideways – they were fine when I uploaded them!


Knotless chain 4 (this creates a seamless center circle ~ I learned it from Mrs Micawber and I’ve never gone back. Click here for her tutorial.)


Slip stitch in the first chain to form a (very tiny) ring. Pull the slip stitch tight as you won’t need to work into it later. This also helps create a virtually invisible center circle.

Q: Can I use a Magic Ring?

A: Yes, but it’s not necessary if you’re following my method ~ the hole closes up tightly without it, but feel free to use it if you like. 🙂


Chain 2 and make 2 double crochets into the ring


When you insert your hook into the ring, be sure to go under the yarn tail as well ~ this enables the circle to be closed up at the end.


Here are the two double crochets.


Then, half double crochet,


single crochet,


chain 2 (this forms the point)…


Now we work back up the other side, mirroring the stitches. So, sc, hdc, 2 dc.


Then chain 2


and insert the hook into the ring (we’re going to do a slip stitch)


Pull the slip stitch tight!


Chain 1, pull it tight (this makes a less prominent join)


Cut the yarn. If your hearts aren’t going to get a lot of wear and tear, like if you’re going to put them on a card, then you don’t have to weave in the ends. You can tie a tight double knot with the two yarn ends (on the back of the heart), and then…


…trim them off, leaving a bit of a tail.


And then you have a teeny, tiny, Valentine heart!

Don’t blame me if you have a large pile in an hour or so. They’re very fast and very addictive. I like to make 4 of each color and line them up for prime cuteness factor.

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! I ❤ all of my readers. 😀


6 thoughts on “Valentiny Heart {Free Pattern}

  1. Sue says:

    The Valen-tiny pun took me totally by surprise – as all good puns should!

    What a great little heart. 🙂

    P.S. So glad you like the knotless chain – I too have never gone back. It’s instinctive now.


    • Cogaroo says:

      Yes, the knotless chain is amazing! I’m so glad you did a post on it. Whenever you post a new stitch I make it my priority to try it. But the knotless chain has got to top them all. 😀

      Indeed, I can never pass up a good pun. 🙂


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