1st Blogiversary!

Recently Cogaroo Crafts passed its first blogiversery, and this is my hundreth post.  So I thought we could have a party!


So, what has happened in the last year? I’m glad you asked! Let me visit my WordPress Stats and enlighten you…

Some random, general stats:

100 Posts – which you already knew, from the title of this post 🙂

58 Followers – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so glad people like reading my blog and I’m not just blathering away to myself (which I do far too often, actually.)

339 Comments – Okay, over half of them are mine…

Over 35,000 views all-time


Those views have been divided up over 125 countries. I have no idea how some of these people stumbled upon my blog, as 99 percent of my posts have been in English, and the other 1 percent was in French. (Ha, 100 posts makes it easy to divide up.)  Here’s the top ten countries that viewed my blog.

1. US

2. Canada

3. UK

4. Australia

5. Germany

6. Netherlands

7. Spain

8. Italy

9. France

10. South Africa

I think Crochet Pattern Central and Crochet At Play are the cause of all of these visitors.  Thanks for linking to me!

Most popular posts:

I was extremely surprised when I checked out my top posts; it would seem that free crochet patterns are quite popular. 😉 Here are the top 5. (I have linked them so you can see what all the fuss is about, if you feel so inclined.)

1. Barbie Winter Princess Dress – with 6,200 views!

2. Mini Om Nom Pattern

3. Granny Corners Flower

4. Barbie Toga

5. Easy Beanie Crochet Pattern


I certainly did not get all of these views by myself! I was linked to on some pretty cool websites, and now I get to return the favor, even if that won’t generate as much traffic as the other way around. 😉

1. Crochet Pattern Central

2. Crochet At Play

3. Pinterest ~ I am giving all of the credit to my mom for this one.  She pins almost everything that I post. ❤

4. Ravelry

5. Tangled Happy ~ Sara linked to my Easy Beanie pattern, which is why it ended up as my 5th most popular post.

6. Great Amigurumi ~ I didn’t know they had linked to me until I saw it on my stats…:)

7. Apple Blossom Dreams ~ Astri is so sweet!

Search terms:

I’ve saved the best for last! A large amount of people have found my blog through Google, which is normal. However, some of them used some pretty strange search terms. My sister and I had a great time going through these. 😉

blobfish – I know how this one came up, but it’s still funny

amigurumi open mouth

brave baby movie 

winter barbie clothes 2012 

how to crochet a broomstick lace scarf – You’d better go to Mrs. Micawber for that one.

hunger games amigurumi – I’ve got that one covered

twinkie chan tissue box cover pattern

crochet dolls-the teacup spirit dolls – Could you maybe phrase that a bit better?

crafts items to decrease – the best way to decrease your craft items is to not make them in the first place. Just sayin’.

les patron de crochet – perhaps this is where my French readers came from

love and peace crochet

mermaids tails fin fun 

toad the mushroom smile

“inverse single crochet”

como fazer asas de passaro em pano – Google translate says ‘How to make bird wings in cloth’

barbie doll mermaid tail knitted how to knit

free sewing patterns for guinea pigs

twinkie chan free patterns – I feel bad that I”m getting some of these search results…

“granny rose slouchy hat | kangaroo crafts 

pattern design of barbie dress – Got a lot of those here

attic24 – Attic24 is super popular, and she’s done a lot of posts, so how in the world did this person end up here?

crochet pull up 1-inch loop

how to make a stuffed toad frog pattern – Toads and frogs are very different. Make up your mind.

does ch 1 hdc count as a stitch – Good question, my friend.

crochet scissors pattern 

only crochet patterns – Do you not like knitting?

barbie leotards for women – if it’s for a Barbie, it’s not going to fit a person.

barbie green princess – sounds like a goblin

crocheting in 2nd ch from hook where is 2nd ch – here

There are a lot more, but I don’t want to bore you. If you like, I can do a post exclusively for them, sometime.

Thank you!

Thank you for viewing, following, commenting on, and linking to my blog.  I would like to thank my top commenters, erwright99, Nana, 7th Grade Mentalist, Starfish, Astri, and Sue.  I do love hearing from all of you, and like I said, I’m glad I’m not nattering away to myself.

Let’s party! I’d love it if you joined me in my Cogaroo Crafts Ravelry Group, if you’re not on Ravelry already, you should be. It’s a great way to find free patterns…and don’t we all love free stuff?

Cogaroo Crafts Ravelry Group ~ Pearl holds the link!
Pearl holds the link!

I will be posting another free pattern soon, as a thank-you. (Here’s a hint: it’s popular around Halloween.) I hope you’re all having a good fall so far, and not suffering from allergies! 😉

Thanks again!



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