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Katniss Chibi (Part 2)

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that a bit ago I published a post for a Katniss Chibi (link to follow).  The tutorial turned out longer than I thought it would, so I split it into two parts.  The first one involved making the individual pieces, and this one will show you how to put them together.

Click here to view the first part of the tutorial


So! Are you ready to assemble those various body parts you have lying about?


These materials are just for the assembly.  View the first post to see the entire materials list.

Hot-glue gun (the main ingredient here)

small strip of white felt for a bandage

jump ring for mockingjay pin

jewelry-making stick thingies for bow & arrows (sorry about that description! They’re the things you can bend into different shapes with pliers.)  You need two without rings on the end, and one with.

Tiny bit of paper & red, gray, and black markers

Keep out your brown crochet thread, we’ll need it for the hair.

Let’s go!


Here are several of the pieces, the coat and hood have already been joined together.


Hot glue the coat to the body like this.  The two top corners should touch.


Then stick the head to the open spot on the body.  I did it so the decrease end was on the top.


Next is the hood; glue it up onto her head.


Now glue the quiver strap around her, sort of at an angle like this.


Then I added the arms.  (They look pretty strange right now!)  Fiddle around with the placement until it looks good to you.


Next, cut 6 two-inch strands of hair.  Glue three on each side, so they part in the middle.  I hope I’m explaining this okay.


See that hunk of thread in the left corner of that picture? You need to make one like that, I would guess it’s about 10 strands and maybe 4 inches long.  Then, glue it on the right side of her head and braid until it’s as long as you like.  Tie it off, and glue it along her body.  (In the book, she had a braid down her back, but in the movie, it’s a wrap-around Dutch braid.  I went with the movie version.)


Now we add the weapons and pin!  🙂  Glue a jump ring onto the coat for the mockingjay pin.  (It’s the closest I could get.)  For the arrows, use those jewelry wires and glue one into the quiver, then glue the quiver onto the strap, on her back.  For the bow, bend another jewelry wire into half of a D shape, then glue a piece of crochet thread for the string.  I decided to put another arrow on the bow, and I used two small tube beads for feathers.  Then you just have to glue the bow onto her hand, and small dots of glue to position it on the body.

Lots of chibis have small loops at the top of their head so you can put them on a necklace or key chain.  I did a jewelry wire with a loop at the top, slathered it with hot glue, and stuck it down the top of her head.  (I sound violent.)


This is kind of a blurry picture but it’s the best I could get of her face.  I drew two small manga-style eyes on a piece of paper, cut them out, and glued them to her face.  It worked surprisingly well.  Then I tried to draw a mouth, but it looks more like pi (π).

I decided I needed a bit more detail, so I added some blood with a red marker.  SPOILER ALERT!  This was from when Katniss went to the feast, and Clove hit her in the forehead with a knife.  SPOILER ENDED.  Then I wrapped a narrow strip of white felt around her head, and glued it in place.

Then I removed all of those excess stringy bits of glue that attack every single hot-glued project.  And Katniss was finished.  🙂

If you make a Katniss Chibi, please send me a picture…I’d love to see!  Also, let me know if you have any questions, or if something’s not clear.



2 thoughts on “Katniss Chibi (Part 2)

  1. Violent indeed! It started with “body parts lying about”. 🙂

    I think the term you are searching for is “head pins” – the wire thingies I mean. (Rather appropriate in this case.)

    The stringy bits of glue got me thinking … if you made a Frodo chibi, they’d be perfect for the scene in Shelob’s Lair. You could just leave them stuck all over him.

    Great tutorial!


    1. Yes, I suppose the violence is suitable for the book. 😉

      Thank you for the assistance with the ‘head pins’! I knew there was a correct term but I didn’t know how to find it.

      I haven’t read Lord of the Rings yet, but I like your idea of using the gluey strings to your advantage.

      Thanks for commenting!


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