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The Yarn Wars, Part 14

I know I haven’t posted in two weeks, I apologize for that.  I was sick and busy.  We missed a week of Yarn Wars but we’re back on track now.  🙂

You might have noticed that I changed my theme to MLB ‘Retro’. I am not ‘in to’ baseball, but my dad is a huge fan of the Detroit Tigers, and since they’re in the playoffs, I thought I would show my support.  This theme is pretty much the polar opposite of my current one, here are the descriptions to prove it:

The Official Major League Baseball “Retro” theme for is a throwback to old MLB Club logos and styles, for baseball fans with a sense of nostalgia.  *cough* cheesy description, and I really don’t like the advertisements. If I let people advertise on my blog, I’d better be getting paid for it. 😉

Lovebirds is a quaint wedding theme designed to aid in the planning and preparation for your big day. *gag* How did I end up with a WEDDING theme?!

Wedding theme or not, I will happily change back to Lovebirds after the playoffs are over.  Let’s go Tigers! 🙂

Enough about baseball and themes, I’m sure you’re dying to hear what happens to Lynnea and co. Okay, maybe not. Here you go anyway.


Lynnea dropped the scarves in the bushes.  “Crochet and knitting look pretty different, and we’ll get spotted for sure.”

The three started off, sneaking through trees and bushes until they reached the edge of the crowd.  Knitters and crocheters were pummeling each other in large groups.  It was total chaos, and nobody noticed when three girls snuck into the midst.

“What do we do now?” wailed Maeve, dodging a crocheter’s fist.

“I didn’t think that far!” Lynnea shrieked, as she was shoved forward into Kira.  Kira caught her and then received a punch in the stomach.  It was Maeve’s turn to catch Kira.

“Come with me,” Maeve heard someone say.  Kira and Lynnea were too distracted with their wounds to notice.  Maeve set Kira back on her feet and turned around.  She saw an old lady with grayish black hair.  “Kira,” pleaded the lady, pointing with a shaky finger behind Maeve.

“Kira,” Maeve said, elbowing her friend.  “There’s somebody stalking you.”

Kira turned around.  Her face broke into a smile, and she got Lynnea’s attention.  They ran at the old lady and hugged her.

Maeve hated being so confused.  Kira hadn’t explained anything yet, even though she’d promised to.  She poked her friend between the shoulderblades.  “Ki-raaaaa!”

“Oh, sorry.”  Kira turned around.  “Maeve, this is Lynnea’s grandma, Harriet.  Harriet, this is my friend, Maeve.”

“Nice to meet you,” Harriet said, smiling at Maeve.  “This isn’t a good time for introductions though.  Follow me!” She grabbed Kira and marched through the crowd.  In a few seconds they were back in the bushes.

“How did you find us, Harriet?” Lynnea asked.

“I knew you would come here, once you saw the fighting,” replied Harriet.  “I was just waiting.  Do you have a plan yet?”

“Wait a minute!” protested Maeve.  “I don’t understand any of this!  Can somebody start explaining?”

Kira and Lynnea glanced at each other.  Then Kira started.  “Well, I stole a ball of yarn when we went to the store together.”  She proceeded to tell Maeve about the attack on their house, her mother’s death, meeting Harriet and Lynnea, and sneaking into the government office.  Then Lynnea explained about the truth behind their world, the microchips, and getting locked up.

Maeve leaned back in the grass, trying to wrap her mind around it all.  Unlike Kira, she didn’t immediately believe it.  She didn’t know what to say, so she settled upon ‘wow’.

“I know.”

“We need to turn those microchips off,” Harriet suggested.  “Everyone will be able to think for themselves again, and it will be like waking up from a really long night.”

“How will we tell them?” Maeve asked.  “Won’t they believe us?”

“Oh, I think they’ll see it for themselves,” Harriet said knowingly.



I will leave you with a random picture of a yarn haul that I got from an estate sale.  Let’s just say it’s not this well organized anymore. 🙂

‘See’ you later!


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