An update on the chickens…

I realized I haven’t reported on the chickens in quite a while.  In fact, my last chicken post was in June!  So I thought I would update you on how they’re doing.

Remember Hazel?


We got her along with Blanche, and they were both said to be Plymouth White Rocks.  Except Hazel wasn’t looking much like a White Rock.  I asked your opinion and got some helpful replies (thank you!).  Turns out she’s a California White.

Then Hazel became a feather-pecker.  She especially beat up on Harriet, and made a bloody featherless patch on her back.  (It was so sad!) So my mom sewed an apron for her.


We re-homed Hazel, though, since she was a danger to the flock.  It’s not good to have a cold-blooded killer in your midst.  The store where we got our chicks has a program to re-home any troublesome chickens.  Maybe it will do her good to be bumped down the pecking order a bit.  When we dropped her off at the store, the guy there told us what breed she really was.

Harriet got her apron off recently, which was a big event, like getting your braces off.  (I know from experience.)


You can see the purple spot on her back, that’s from the dye we used to camouflage the blood.


Then, when I was away at camp (my vacation! <3), Blanche laid an egg.  🙂 She’s the White Rock.


My sister got to pluck it out of the nesting box…it’s so cute and speckled.


Blanche is looking huge now.  Her wattles are giant, her comb is very red, and she’s quite heavy.


A while back, we let the chickens go free-ranging around the backyard.  They have a generously sized outdoor run because we don’t want chicken droppings all over the yard.  But as a special treat, we let them out.  And what did they do? Stay in a clump the whole time.


It looks like we only have three chickens…but we actually have four.  I just am not posting a picture of the fourth, Pearl, because most of the chicken pictures also feature my family, and you know how I am about faces and the Internet.  🙂  But Pearl and Harriet laid eggs, too.  I’m so proud of all our chickens!  (That might sound funny, but if you laid an egg, wouldn’t you want some attention because of it?)

By the way, Blanche has laid 16 eggs total now… and she laid 14 days in a row.  She only lays eggs when we’re around, not when a pet-sitter is taking care of them.  What a faithful chicken.  ❤


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