The Yarn Wars, Part 11

it’s yarn wars day isn’t it?  you get a new character too!

sorry for this bad punctuation, i had archery yesterday and cut my hand a bit with the feathers, so i can’t press the shift key very easily.  i can’t type very well, but i can still crochet 😉  the yarn wars chapter is unaffected because i’d already finished it.


Part 3 ~ Maeve

Maeve was getting worried.  Kira hadn’t called her in over a day, which was odd because they normally talked all the time.  She decided to go to the Lovelace’s house and see if everything was all right.

As she neared her friend’s residence, she saw the first sign of damage.  A trail of yarn was scattered along the sidewalk, and glass was littered among it.  Maeve began to run, hoping that Kira wasn’t injured.  Then she saw the front window.  It had been smashed, and a shovel was laying nearby.

Then Maeve heard footsteps.  They could have been harmless pedestriants, but there was no point in taking a chance.  She quickly ducked behind her friend’s Japanese maple, which offered lots of coverage.

Maeve watched as two government workers came towards the house.  “More impressive than I thought,” remarked one of them.

“Knitters get mad easily, huh?” the other one replied.  “This could be the start of another war.” He looked around, but seeing nobody, continued.  “This is the girl’s house? The one you found in your office this morning?”


“Good.  With the new war, we could finally get a winner.”

Maeve shrank back into the tree as the guy in charge came up towards the front door.  He disappeared for about ten minutes.  When he came back out, he gave a thumbs-up to the other man and said, “Nobody in there.  Let’s get the tape, then head back to the office.”

Maeve watched as the two government people put crime scene tape around Kira’s house.  What was going on?  Was Kira in danger?  She remembered her friend’s odd behavior after leaving the yarn store, and began to feel suspicious.  Something was most assuredly not right there, and she was going to figure out what it was.

Very slowly, she eased herself out of the tree and snuck around the back of the house.  The government workers were still applying the tape.  Maeve glanced toward the large gray truck ~ the back was open, and she would be able to sneak in.

Without thinking twice, she bolted towards the truck and leaped inside.  Then she hid behind a pile of boxes, moving several so she was better concealed.  She tried to calm down and stop breathing so loudly.

With a loud clank, the doors slammed closed.  The truck started moving.  Maeve let out a quiet sigh of relief.

It was a very bumpy ride, and Mave could have sworn that the government workers were trying to find every pothole in town.  She was so distracted with the jolting that for a minute she didn’t hear the screaming.  Then it burst into her ears and she jumped up, startled.

Luckily the government guys hadn’t noticed, so Maeve started for the window in the side.  She stood on top of a box and peered out.

They were crossing the border from Knitside into Crochetside.  That didn’t startle Maeve at all; she’d been there plenty of times, although of course not into Crochetside.  What did startle her was the scene going on there.  Knitters and crocheters were throwing things at each other, like baseballs, lamps, and birdcages.  It would have been amusing if Maeve didn’t know what it meant.

There was going to be another battle.  This was just the beginning.  Maeve had a guess as to how it was started, too.  After Kira’s neighbors had seen the ruckus ~ they must’ve, nobody could miss that ~ they accused the crocheters, and they began to attack each other.  Soon they would get more destructive.  Maybe they were getting more weapons now.

The truck began to slow down.  Maeve looked out the window again to see them approaching the building.  It was one of the large office buildings in the government part of the city.

“Let’s go see the prisoners,” Maeve heard one of the guys say. She hunkered down behind her box as they got out.

She had to make it out before they locked the doors, but they would see her if she ran.  Maeve reached for the back door and crossed her fingers on the other hand.  She opened it a crack, just enough so it wouldn’t lock.  Don’t look at the trunk, don’t look at the trunk, she thought to the government guys.

It worked.  Maeve heard a click as the rest of the doors locked, and the aforementioned government guys walked away.  She jumped out of the truck and closed the door.  There would be no need to ride back, she could walk.

Then Maeve turned her attention to the building ~ the building she had a sinking feeling that she would need to sneak into.


hope you all have a lovely day! i will talk to you later. 😉  i’m taking a bit of a break to spend time with my grandparents, plus school is starting up soon.  i will try to keep up the yarn wars though. 🙂

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