Macs or PCs?

Okay, this is not a craft-related post.  But wouldn’t it be boring if I posted about the same thing every time? At the very least, would get bored.  And how can a boring blogger write an interesting post?

Oops, I got off track in the first paragraph.  That’s never a good sign.


The family computer is a MacBook Pro.  (As are the other computers, none of which are mine, sadly.)  I love Macs, but I got to wondering about which one you all preferred.  So I thought a poll would be in order.  Not a teeny tiny poll in the sidebar, because the best way to get your attention is in a blog post.  (I have 45 followers at the moment, so 45 people are going to get an email with a poll in it.  I just hope the 45 people choose to vote in the poll… *hint hint* )

Okay! Here it is.  Which do you prefer…

It won’t take but a minute to click your choice and submit it.  You can share your opinion anonymously!  (Does that make any sense at all? Hmm.

See you on Sunday for more of the Yarn Wars! 😉


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