The Yarn Wars, Part 3

Hello people.

I know it’s not Sunday, and I did say I would be posting a different part of the Yarn Wars every Sunday.  But I thought I would give you part 3 a day early.  This is also because I will be needing to post a pattern tomorrow ~ I’m teaching a few girls to crochet, and they will need a pattern/tutorial to follow.  The tutorial is not done yet but I’m hoping it will be by tomorrow, hence the need to post this today.

So, without further ado, here you go…The Yarn Wars, Part 3!


Kira didn’t sleep well that night.  In her dreams, she was trapped in Crochet and Chocolate with Harriet chasing her around.  It wasn’t a very original nightmare, but it was extremely disturbing.

The nightmare woke Kira up three times.  She tossed and turned but didn’t manage to get back to sleep.  Giving up, she put on her slippers and headed down to the kitchen to get something to eat.  Food often calmed her down.

Kira rummaged in the refrigerator and finally found the milk.  She got the chocolate syrup and began to make herself some chocolate milk.  Then she heard the noise.  It began as a light drumming noise, like a neighbor a few houses away playing the drums.  Then it got louder, like a thunderstorm.  It certainly wasn’t either, so Kira went to look out the window.

What she saw sent her running up the stairs and into her mom’s room.  “Mom! Mom!” Kira screamed, launching herself at her mother.  “Wake up!”

Mrs. Lovelace was out of bed before she was fully woken up.  “What’s wrong, Kira?”

“Mom, the neighbors are going around with shovels, shouting!  Something must be wrong!”

Mom frowned and begin to say something.  But she never got to finish, because it was then that they heard the sound of splintering glass coming from the window next to the door.  Mom turned white as a sheet.  Kira froze.

Then Kira heard footsteps and shouting coming up the stairs.  She pressed herself against the wall, not daring to move for fear of making a sound.

What was happening?  They were good neighbors!  They threw parties, helped build doghouses, and never mingled with crocheters.  Unless – Kira felt sick – unless they somehow knew about Kira’s trip from earlier that day.  But how could they? She’d been so careful!

Mom’s hand silently snuck over to grab Kira’s wrist.  Quietly, Kira turned her head to look at her mom.  Mom used her other hand to point to the master bedroom.  Kira nodded to show she understood.  They began to tiptoe towards the bedroom.

Then the horde of people spilled into the hallway, and Kira shrieked, their cover blown.  She shoved her mother into the bedroom and jumped in after her. Kira slammed the door, threw her body against it, and locked it.  Mom dragged a bench against it, and then collapsed on the bed with Kira close behind her.

Kira tried not to panic, but she could feel that she was about to cry.  Wanting to appear brave, she calmed herself and turned to her mom.  “What are we going to do?”

Mom didn’t answer.  She was turning red.

“Oh, NO – ” Kira was aghast.  “Is it your asthma?”  Mrs. Lovelace was a severe asthmatic, and tended to have horrible attacks at the worst moments possible.  But this beat them all.

Mom nodded, choking.

Kira ran to the dresser where Mrs. Lovelace kept her inhaler.  She yanked it open and emptied the contents onto the bed.  But the inhaler wasn’t there.

She ran back to her mother.  “It’s not there! Where did you put it?”

“Downstairs,” croaked Mom.  “Don’t go down there!”

A splintering crash proved that the mob of angry people had found some sort of battering ram to use on the bedroom door.  They didn’t have long.  Kira made a split second decision.

“Come on,” she said urgently, tugging her mother off the bed.  Quietly easing open the window, Kira gestured for her mother to jump.

“Jump?” moaned Mom, who was scared of heights.

“Just trust me,” said Kira.  “I’ll go first.  You have to follow.  I have a plan.  We’ll be fine, but you have to trust me!”

Mom nodded, hugging her daughter tightly.  “I love you,” she mumbled into her hair.

“I love you too,” whispered Kira, pushing herself away from Mom.  “Don’t forget to jump.”

Mom said, “You worry about yourself.”

Kira nodded, and positioned herself on the edge of the windowsill.  She looked at the two-story drop.  Then she pushed herself off of the ledge.

Her stomach swooped upward as she dropped downwards.  It was the most terrifying thing she had ever done.  Then Kira smashed into the ground on her right wrist, which send pain shooting up her arm.  Kira tried not to scream.  Hopefully it wasn’t broken – a broken wrist would be especially bad under the circumstances.  She rolled to the side to give her mother room.

Kira heard a thump, which she assumed was her mother landing.  Her assumption was confirmed when she heard Mom coughing.

“Mom?” groaned Kira, staggering to her feet.  This sent a new wave of pain up her arm.

“Kira?” Mom groaned in a similar manner.  She staggered to her feet as well.  “What was your big plan?”


How did you like Part 3?  I’d love it if you let me know in a comment. 😉

If you’re looking for something to do, why don’t you click here and visit my sister’s blog?  It’s super awesome!  As I may have said a few times.  🙂

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Random but cute...Harriet in a hat!

Random but cute…Harriet in a hat!


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