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The Yarn Wars, #1

I’ve decided to start blogging a book,  it’s called ‘The Yarn Wars’, and it’s about a war between knitting and crochet.  The main character is a knitter, which is interesting for me to write as I’m a crocheter.  This is a big change from my typical blogging topic, but I wanted to try something new.  I would love it if you commented with your opinion or constructive criticism, and I hope you like it.



Part 1 – Kira

Kira swung her bag back and forth as she strolled along the sidewalk.  The warm summer air felt good on her face.  There was a slight breeze, which kept the air from being sticky.  Kira turned her head to the side and let the wind sweep her long blonde hair away from her, grinning at her friend Maeve who was walking beside her.

“Are we almost there?” panted Maeve.  “I’m so tired!”

Kira smiled and patted her friend’s shoulder.  “Don’t worry, it’s just a block away.”

“This better be worth it,” grumbled Maeve as the two friends started up again.

“Oh, it is,” assured Kira, “you’ve never seen such gorgeous yarn!”

The ‘it’ was the biggest yarn store in all of Washington.  Kira had been there many times, but Maeve had only been to their local yarn store.  Kira had challenged Maeve to a hike to this bigger store, and Maeve had accepted – a decision she was obviously regretting now!

As they entered the yarn store, Kira took a deep breath.  She loved the smell of yarn!  Lots of people didn’t think that yarn had its own smell, but Kira thought otherwise. She loved every part of it – the smell, feel, colors, and the way it looked as it flew over her knitting needles.

Near the entrance, Kira noticed a large white sign proclaiming Knitters Only.  The signs had been popping up all over the place, ever since the Battle of Seattle, where the crocheters had attacked the knitters’ main yarn source.  The knitters didn’t want the crocheters mingling with them, and vice versa.

Knitting was definitely the way to go.  It was more popular, so you were safer if you decided to do it in public.  More yarn stores allowed knitters than crocheters.  There were more patterns for knit items.  And knitting was much prettier!  Then again, Kira mused, it was the knitters that were saying the last one.

“Earth to Kira!” teased Maeve, poking her with a knitting needle.  “Daydreaming about yarn?”

Kira giggled.  “No, I was just thinking about the Yarn Segregations.  Have you ever been into a Crocheters Only shop?”

“Why would I want to do that?” asked Maeve.  “The knitters have a better yarn selection, and I don’t crochet, of course.”

Kira nodded in agreement.  “I know!  I wonder why people like crochet so much.”

“It’s probably what they’re raised with,” said Maeve.  “Like our families have always been knitters, all the way back.”

“Yeah,” agreed Kira.  “Enough on that.  I want to look at some yarn!”  She set down her bag and began browsing.

Just then a yarn attendant came into the aisle.  “Can I help you?” she asked them.

“Just looking,” said Maeve.

“Why don’t you check out our new 3000 yarn?  It’s in celebration of the new millenium,” said the attendant.  “Worsted weight cotton with sparkles.”

Kira picked up the yarn in question and smoothed the strands.  “How much is it?”

“Twenty dollars.”

Kira looked at the label and realized that there were only two hundred yards.  Ten dollars for a hundred yards!  She put the yarn back on the shelf.  “It’s a little too expensive for me.”

The attendant then turned to Maeve, who was attempting to carry seven balls of wool.  Maeve knitted sweaters and was always looking for a new brand of yarn.  “Here, let me help you with those.”  Maeve forked over three balls of yarn.

“You all done, Kira?” she asked, looking at Kira’s empty hands.  “Aren’t you going to get anything?”

“I don’t think so,” said Kira, “I’ve got a lot at home already.”

“Okay, then let’s go!” said Maeve enthusiastically.  “I can’t wait to get knitting with this stuff!”  The two started for the checkout counter.

Then Kira realized that she’d left her bag in the yarn aisle.  “Oh, rats,” she exclaimed.  “You go ahead, I’ll catch up later.”  Before Maeve could inquire, Kira sprinted for their yarn section.

She picked up her bag and put it over her shoulder, and began to leave to go back to Maeve.  But her fingers brushed over the 3000 yarn, and before Kira knew what she was doing, she had picked it up and ripped off the label.  She buried the label deep in the pile of yarn, then shoved the remaining yarn in her bag.  Trying to look innocent, Kira headed for the exit.

Maeve was waiting for her with a cartload of yarn.  “What’s up, Kira?”

Kira froze, wondering if her theft was that obvious.

“Cat got your tongue?” Maeve taunted.  “I know you’re jealous of my yarn.  I can share some with you.”

Kira relaxed, declining politely.  “I’ve already got a bunch at home, but thanks anyway.”

They walked home, Kira feeling like a giant arrow was pointing to her proclaiming ‘thief!’  It felt like a miracle when they got to Maeve’s house and nothing had happened.

“See ya tomorrow, Kira,” said Maeve, unlocking her door.  “Thanks for showing me the store!”

Kira smiled weakly and said, “It was nothing.  I loved it.”  Then she walked away, trying to gather the courage to do what she planned to do.


If you liked it, I’ll try to post a new part next Sunday.  How frequently I post them will depend on how busy I am!  So they probably won’t be predictable.  😉  Like I said, I would love constructive criticism or comments.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


11 thoughts on “The Yarn Wars, #1

  1. Just got around to this and I really like it! Three more parts to read right now and looking forward to more. I love the idea ‘the battle of seattle’ indeed! 🙂


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