in which the chickens move to their coop

The chickens are growing up…


They have moved from their tiny brooder into their big girl coop:



The parents involved in this work of art worked tirelessly for several months, and the result is absolutely gorgeous, IMO.

Would you like to see some more chickens?  Here’s a slideshow of some of the pictures taken.

I must ask my chicken-blogger-followers a question.  Hazel is supposedly a Plymouth White Rock, but we think she looks more like a Leghorn with her streamlined torpedo-shape and orangey comb.  I would greatly appreciate your opinions: White Rock or Leghorn?  Here is a picture to help you decide:


Want to check out more awesome chicken-related stuff?  Go visit HenCam.  I would love to have a chicken cam watching our chickens.  Maybe it would inspire a certain chicken (I’m not naming names…) to let other chickens roost near the wall at night. *hint hint*

That’s all from me for today! Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day.


7 thoughts on “in which the chickens move to their coop

  1. naturalpfg says:

    I would say at this stage, probably a Plymouth White Rock due to the lack of pink in the face. However, it’s still a little early to tell, so I’d give it a couple more weeks before you try and decide.


  2. Willow says:

    Hi! I’m not sure which one she is… The leghorns tend to be obnoxious and mean, but it will be more obvious when they grow up. The plymouth rocks lay brown eggs and the leghorns lay white eggs. Also, the plymouth rocks are a lot bigger.


  3. Mrs. M says:

    That is a chicken mansion! It’s lovely and I’m sure the girls will appreciate it.

    Your blog looks great – wonderful header and colour scheme too. 🙂


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