Locks of Love

I haven’t appeared on this blog very much (the exception being for the Granny Rose Slouchy Hat.)  I don’t know what y’all think I look like, but you’re about to find out!

I’ve loved long hair for a very long time, but lately it’s been really hard to care for.  It takes a lot of shampoo, takes a small forever to dry, looks mangy, is snarly, and painful to brush.  I’d been wondering what it would be like to have short hair, and I finally decided to donate my hair.  (Which was a pretty big decision, since I’d refused to get my hair cut for about a year.)

A before picture
A before picture
Another before picture
Another before picture
"I'm totally freaking out right now!!"
“I’m totally freaking out right now!!”
“Aaaarghhh!” was my main thought right about now
"Whoa...it's so swishy...my head feels so light! Weird!"
“Wow…my head feels so light!”
"I donated 12 inches!" ;)
“I donated 12 inches!” 😉 (notice the pi shirt)
Hey, I can actually see the back of my shirt now!
Hey, I can actually see the back of my shirt now!

I keep fiddling with my new haircut as I type this.  We’re going to mail out my hair sometime soon, along with Astri’s giveaway prize.  I’d better make sure I send the right package to the right person! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day. π



12 thoughts on “Locks of Love

  1. How very kind of you Cogaroo – and you are absolutely darling. The new haircut suits you. If you accidentally send me the hair I suppose I will crochet something out of it. 😉


  2. I had the same experience when I cut off my hair! My hair used to be longer than yours was (and curly) and it took a long time to care for but I was still near tears when I went in to cut it off. But I regret nothing because it is so much easier to care for.
    You look fantastic by the way 🙂
    Love the math shirt by the way, I have one that says B > (average formula)


    1. Wow, that hair must have been a pain to take care of! Short hair is definitely easier. I think your hair would look good both ways. 😉 I’m glad I’m not the only geek AKA awesome person with a math shirt. But it is kind of weird that I don’t even like math.

      Thank you Starfish!


  3. Your long hair was so gorgeous, but I do understand how difficult it is to care for and how much shampoo it requires, as I have donated a few times. The new do looks great! I think you’ll love that lighter, airier feel through the summer! LOVED Astri’s comment about crocheting something with the cut off hair!


    1. Thank you, Snowcatcher! Actually, I used your blog as my main resource for where to donate my hair. I like the airier feel already, and it is so easy to take care of! I, too, loved Astri’s comment, it caused me to have a sudden fit of laughter. 🙂


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