What’s in the box?

'Happy Hen Treats'

Yarn?  ‘Happy Hen Treats’ (perhaps for the chickies from my last post)?  Or could it be …


More chickens!

I am pleased to introduce you to the two newest members of our flock:



...and Pearl.

…and Pearl.

They look almost exactly the same, Blanche is a bit bigger and their wing feathers are slightly different.

Here’s a bit more information about the three chickens I posted about yesterday (I love taking pictures of chickies!)

All the excitement was too much for Harriet, so she went in the corner to nap.

Harriet is a Barred Rock and is around the same age as Blanche and Pearl.  All the excitement was too much for her, so she went in the corner to nap.


Prudence is an Ameraucana, also known as an Easter Egger because of the colored eggs they lay.  She managed to fly out of the cage today, even though she’s only two weeks old!


Last (but not least) is Clementine, a Rhode Island Red.  The picture doesn’t show her gorgeous tail feathers, but I thought she’d like it if I mentioned them anyway.  How do you like the ‘little old lady’ name theme?  🙂  (No offense to anyone.  My family and I just love that kind of name!)

My blog is evolving to include chickens, I’ve created a new category for them and will definitely be posting about them in the future.  Until then, good-bye from me and the chickies!

~ The Cogaroo and the Flock of Chickens ~

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