Lacy Love Knots Stitch Pattern


I saw a stitch pattern a while ago for a scarf that looked like a knitted drop-stitch pattern.  The pattern used love knots to get the lacy effect.  I went looking for the scarf pattern, but had no luck finding it.  So I tried to figure out my own stitch pattern.

[edited 9/4/14: sorry, all my pictures disappeared and therefore the picture tutorial is not very helpful! let me know if you’d like me to replace the pictures… sorry!]

I’ve already used the stitch pattern for a doll sweater, but there are lots of things that you could use it for.  I hope that you find it useful.

Use the crochet hook that is recommended for your yarn.  I’m using worsted-weight yarn with a size I (5.50 MM) hook for the tutorial.



First of all, here’s my attempt at charting the pattern.  The long ovalish-looking things are love knots, I don’t know what the official symbol is, but this seemed to work.  (Yes, this is Hunger Games paper, for those of you who were wondering.)


Start by chaining a multiple of 4 + 1.  (For anybody new to this, that does not mean to chain a multiple of 5.  I chained 13, which is: 4 x 3 = 12, +1 = 13.)


Single crochet in the 2nd ch from the hk and in each ch across.  You should have a multiple of 4 stitches.


If you would prefer to use foundation single crochet, do a multiple of 4 stitches without the extra one, as shown above.  Then proceed to Row 2.


Row 2: Chain 2 and turn.  The turning chain will never count as a stitch in this pattern.


Dc in the first sc (at the base of the chain 2.)


Now we’re going to make a love knot, or ‘lk’.  If you need more help on this, you can visit my Frilly Flower pattern, which has more step-by-step pictures on love knots.  Start by pulling up a bit of a loop and yarning over the same height as the loop, as shown above.


Pull through, forming a loose chain.


Now make 1 sc in the back bump of the chain, as indicated by the blue crochet hook.


That makes one love knot.  Good job.  🙂



Skip 2 stitches…



…and dc 1 in each of the next 2 stitches.


Repeat this pattern along until you only have three stitches left in the row.  (Make a love knot, skip 2 stitches, dc 1 in each of the next 2 stitches.)



Now, make a love knot, skip 2 stitches, and dc in the last st of the row.  Row 2 is complete.



Rows 3-desired length are all the same.  Ch 2 and turn.  Make a double crochet in the first stitch, as indicated by the ever-helpful blue crochet hook.



Make a love knot, skip the previous love knot, and dc in each of the next 2 dcs.



Continue this along until you reach the end of the row.  Make sure you make your last dc in the double crochet, not in the turning chain.



Repeat Row 3 until your item has reached the desired length.  (Remember that there will only be 1 dc at the beginning and end of each row, but 2 dcs in between the rest of the love knots.)

Now we’re going to add a single crochet row to match the beginning row.  If you want it to look exactly the same, AKA the right sides of the sc rows will be facing the same direction, end on the side opposite your beginning tail.



Ending Row:  Ch 1, turn (does not count as a stitch!)  Single crochet in the first stitch.  *Sc in the sc section of the next love knot.  Sc in the top 2 loops of the ch section of the same love knot.  Sc in each of the next 2 stitches.*  Do this across, but remember that there will only be one sc at the end.



Here are the two spaces you’ll sc into in the love knot.



Here’s what it looks like after both are done.

I hope you like the stitch pattern!  Please leave me a comment if you do.  Happy crocheting!

~ The Cogaroo ~


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    • The Cogaroo says:

      Sorry about the delayed response – WordPress thought your comment was spam. (Is it?) This is probably a more intermediate pattern, but with practice, I think you could get it.


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