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Crocheted Barbie Pattern



Here’s another one of the crochet patterns I’ve been working on.  I wanted to make a crocheted Barbie, after being inspired by a crocheted Bleuette from By Hook, By Hand.


Unfortunately the torso turned out a little bit bigger than I had expected, so she is more like the original kind of Barbie than the newer (poseable) kind.  Also, the legs are a bit bigger than on a normal Barbie, so she will not fit into Barbie pants. But it’s good enough for me.  🙂


Size G (4.00 MM) crochet hook

Fiberfill stuffing, plastic drinking straws, and pipecleaners (to make limbs poseable)

Yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker

Note: The Barbie is worked amigurumi-style, so in continuous rounds without joining.  I used a Magic Ring at the beginning of the rounds, but you could replace it with a chain 2 if you’re not bothered by the hole.


Starting at top of head, 6 sc in a Magic Ring.

2: Inc around.

3: *sc 2, inc* around.

4-6: Sc around.

7: *sc 3, dec* 3 times, sc 1.

8: Sc around.

You’ll probably want to stuff the head now, and embroider a face if you’re going to.  (I left mine faceless.)  Continue stuffing as you work the last rounds.

9: *Dec* around until there is one stitch left in rnd, sc in that stitch.

10: *Dec* once, sc rest of way around.

11: Sc around.

Fo, leaving long tail for sewing.  Stuff neck.  I used a bit of a plastic drinking straw so that she wouldn’t be bobbleheaded.


Starting at shoulders,

1: Ch 8, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across, making 3 sc in last ch.  Working on opposite side of starting chain, sc across, making 2 sc in last ch.  Begin working in a spiral now.

2: Inc, sc 5, *inc* 3 times, sc 5, *inc* 2 times.  In other words, you’re increasing in each end, where you made the 3 sc in the same chain from Round 1.

3-6: Sc around.

7: Dec, sc 9, dec, sc 9.

8: *sc 2, dec* around.

9: *sc 1, dec* around.

10-11: sc around.

12: *sc 1, inc* around.

13: *sc 3, inc* around.

14-15: sc around.

16: *sc 1, dec* around until there is one stitch left in round, sc in it.

17: *dec* around.

18: Sc 2, dec, sc 3, dec.

19: Sc 1, dec, sl st, FO.  Sew remaining hole closed.

Barbie Boobies (hee hee hee)

6 sc in a Magic Ring.

2: *inc* around.

3: sc around.

FO, leaving a long tail for sewing.  Sew to torso.

Arms (Make 2)

Fair warning: these are fiddly, due to the small amount of stitches in each round.

1: 5 sc in a Magic Ring.

2-16: Sc around.  Sl st at end of last round and FO.  Stuff if desired, I put a pipe cleaner inside for poseability.  Sew remaining hole closed.

Legs (Make 2)

Starting at ankles,

1: 5 sc in a Magic Ring.

2-3: sc around.

4-5: Hdc 2, sc 3.

6: Sc around.

7: *sc 1, inc* 2 times, sc 1.

8-11: sc around.

12: *sc 1, inc* 2 times, sc 3.

13-15: sc around.

16: *sc 2, dec* 2 times, sc 1.

17: sc around.

18: *sc 2, inc* 2 times, sc 1.

19-21: sc around.

22: *sc 2, inc* 3 times.

23-25: sc around.

26: *sc 5, inc* around.

27-32: sc around.

Now would be a good time to stuff the leg.  I put a bit of fiberfill in the thigh.  For the lower leg I used a drinking straw with two twisted pipe cleaners inside, which helped with stability.

33: *sc 1, dec* around until there are 2 stitches left in the round.  Sc in both of them.

34: *dec* around.


Sew the head to the body.  Attach bust in correct place.  Thread joint the arms and legs.  If you don’t know how to thread joint, I found an explanation HERE, although I do mine slightly different – I join through both layers of the limb instead of just the inside.  Add a wig cap if you want your doll to have hair.  (Crochet the first few rounds of the head pattern with your hair color of choice, sew it onto the doll, and add hair.  Check out this post from Annaboo’s House if you need more details.)


I had to cinch up the torso a bit by threading some yarn around the back in an ovalish shape, then pulling to tighten (as above, please note that the picture is sideways). You could always eliminate the bust, which would solve the problem.

Congratulations, you’ve crocheted a Barbie.  Mine is sporting a cute sundress from here.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer them.  See ya later.

~ The Cogaroo ~


6 thoughts on “Crocheted Barbie Pattern

    1. Thank you, Anonymous. 🙂 Unfortunately I won’t be making any Ken dolls in the near future, I only collect Barbies and therefore have none to base a pattern off of. But it would be easy to modify the pattern for the Barbie to make one – just don’t decrease for the waist, and of course no bust. 🙂 Let me know how it works for you!


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