Gigantic Amigurumi Mushroom


Isn’t it amazing how many different things you can find crochet patterns for?  I think the most random one I’ve seen is for an amigurumi toilet (you’d probably like that, 7th Grade Mentalist!)  People definitely have different tastes when it comes to what they want to crochet, hence the variety of patterns.

I found this blog when I was looking for an Amineko pattern, and I began investigating the free patterns.  There are some pretty cute ones.  Then I saw this.

21 rounds of increases! 67 rounds total!  I thought it looked like a lot of work.  Then there was the fact that, um, it’s not exactly the most practical item.  So naturally I had to make one.  🙂


I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  I added 2 more rounds to Rnds 22-23, did the top all one color, and didn’t do 24 through the back loops.  Originally I did a different color scheme, and did all the decreases (a lot) when I realized I didn’t like the way it looked.  Rip rip rip…


Here’s a closeup of the face.  My theory: stick two big round eyes and a smile on any crocheted item and it will be cute.


I like the way the increases create a spiral on the top.


I chose not to do the Invisible Decrease, because I actually like the look of the traditional decrease better (and the invisible decrease is, well, invisible, and therefore hard to find to count).

Before I attempted the giant amigurumi toadstool, I’d made two mini Toads.  Not the froggy kind of toad, rather, this kind of toad:

"I'm the best!"
“I’m the best!”

The Toads are from Amigurumi 2! by Ana Paula Rimoli (brief book review: toad-ally awesome!)



They were quite fun to make, and offer lots of opportunities for color variations.  I think it’d be interesting to do the top in a self-striping yarn.

a teetering tower of Toads

The only reason the giant mushroom is standing up is because I stuffed a bunch of poly-pellets in the stem.  It’s also very fun to squeeze.  I will be sewing spots on later, but we didn’t have enough white felt.

Thanks for viewing, and have a fabulous day!

~ The Cogaroo



4 thoughts on “Gigantic Amigurumi Mushroom

  1. This is totally awesome! I love your edits to the pattern to make it look like the little mushrooms. And the face is sooo cute! Cannot wait to see it with spots! Thanks so much for making my pattern and linking to me, you’re awesome!


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