Happy New Year!


Sorry I’ve been away for a while.  I haven’t been designing new stuff (because I’ve found patterns for everything), and didn’t know what to post about.

I did come up with a child-sized beanie pattern, which I will be adding to the original page here.  (The lack of new pictures is because it looks the same, only smaller.)

Bloggy New Year Resolutions

1.  Get 20 followers and do the giveaway before I lose the prize!

2.  Find a blog theme that I’m happy with.  I like my current one, but it’s not what I envisioned my blog would look like.

3.  Stop being so obsessive about blogging, and let myself take more breaks like the one I’m coming back from now.  I can be more creative if I’m not on time limits.

4.  Get linked to on Tangled Happy.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

~ The Cogaroo ~

P.S.  Do you have any suggestions for Cogaroo Crafts?  If so, you can let me know by filling in the form below.  (I read all suggestions, but I can’t take them all.)


Your comments make me happy :D

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