The Barbie Clothing Project


Barbies are awesome, except for two things.  They have ridiculously tiny waists, and a lot of their clothes are very skimpy.

Crocheted Barbie dresses solve both of these problems.  Crochet produces a thick fabric, which makes their waists look normaler, and you can make thousands of different styles.  (Actually, there’s an infinite amount of crochet patterns – you can always make them one chain longer or one row wider, and there’s a ton of different yarn/hook combinations!)

I have been making Barbie dresses for a few months now.  And today, I was wondering how many I had…


25 Barbie dresses!

(You can click the photos to enlarge them.)
Lots of Barbie dresses!
It took a long time to find the dresses, gather enough Barbies to wear them (thank you, Avgaroo, for lending me some of yours), and pose them all.
The posing was somewhat tricky (can you say ‘dominoes’?), but I enjoyed it.
Closeup of the top rows
A closeup of the top two rows…
Closeup of the bottom rows
…and the bottom two rows.
I’m much better at crocheting than I am at knitting, but I did try I to re-teach myself to knit.  Why knit a rectangle when you can make a Barbie dress?
Some of the patterns can be found on my blog.  But I found a lot of them through Crochet Pattern Central.
The thing I like most about crocheting doll clothes is that you can experiment with different styles without having a huge, long project, like if you’re making people clothes.  I’ve used different materials too: yarn, plarn, thread, and that’s not counting the different weights of yarn (worsted, sport-weight, DK, but I don’t think bulky would work too well).
Good-bye for now!
~ The Cogaroo
Edited to Add:  *sigh*  I managed to miss two dresses that were hiding in my room.  27 Barbie dresses total!

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