Hello, my name is Amineko


A few days ago I started crocheting an Amineko.  The pattern can be found in this book, I used the translation on this website.

Would anybody care to see some pictures?



I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn (which I use for most of my stuff).  I liked how the face wasn’t that hard to embroider, and that you didn’t have to hurt your fingers trying to attach safety eyes.

As soon as she was finished, Amineko started doing push-ups.
Then she knelt on the chair and zoned for a while while I tried to figure out how to pose her.
But I think all of the drama tired her out, because when I turned around she was asleep.  🙂
Aminekos are really fun to pose…I think I’ll be posting more pictures some other time.  Thanks for reading my monologues!
~ The Cogaroo ~

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