Mini Amigurumi Tree


(This post was originally written on Thanksgiving, but guess who thought they deleted it?)

I love the amigurumi books by Ana Paula Rimoli.  Amigurumi World, Amigurumi 2, and Amigurumi Toy Box.  Lately I’ve been wanting to crochet a mini-gurumi with crochet thread instead of yarn.  So yesterday I started crocheting a mini tree.  (You can see the author’s version by clicking “See all product images” and looking for a tree.  When I looked, it was in the second row, second from the left.  The pattern is from ‘Amigurumi Toy Box.)

There were a ton of tiny single-crocheted tubes, no more than 8 stitches around.  This was slightly annoying with thread (exaggeration).

Size 10 crochet thread & size 8 (1.5 MM) hook

I had to take several breaks to keep from blowing my top.  But I’m quite happy with the finished product!

Ta da!
View from the back…
…and with a paper clip for size comparison.

And I’ve learned yet another blogging lesson…Wordpress automatically saves drafts of your post.  🙂

~ The Cogaroo ~


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