Apple Blossom Dreams’ CAL


I’m doing Apple Blossom Dreams’ Crochet-A-Long, and it’s super awesome!  Here’s the link to Week 1:

I’m making a pillow; I don’t have enough yarn (or patience!) to make an entire afghan.  


I had to stick it under the door because otherwise it curled too much:



I will hopefully post more of my ‘How to Crochet’ tutorial this weekend.  Until then, I will say au revoir.

~ The Cogaroo ~


2 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Dreams’ CAL

  1. Astri says:

    This really is awesome!!! I am so glad you are crocheting along. Very clever of you to to place under the door. Can’t wait to see the progress.

    I like your crochet blog. Lots of good projects and instruction. 🙂


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