Om Nom Invasion

What’s this?




Measuring approximately 14 inches tall (excluding antenna), this is the largest stuffed animal I’ve crocheted.  The body is modified from a pattern in a crochet magazine, but I made the limbs and facial features. 

Before we continue, I think I’d better make sure you all know what an Om Nom is, if you don’t already.  I did not come up with this cuteness.  Zepto Lab did! Om Nom is the candy-loving monster in the popular app ‘Cut the Rope’.  Completely worth the 99¢.


Now, what could this be?


It’s an Om Nom attack!  They might be small, but they are mighty.


Just look at those sharp teeth dangerous gums!  


And now, creeping quietly into the room, behold the Baby Nom!  

This is the first Om Nom that I crocheted, before I learned how to use the Magic Ring, and before I thought to write down patterns.  When I decided I wanted to make another mini Om Nom, I had a difficult time attempting to replicate the pattern!  I don’t make that mistake anymore.  I did manage to get a pattern done, although it’s not quite the same as the Om Nom above.  Unfortunately the aforementioned Om Nom is currently in hiding, so I can’t add a picture of it right now.

I will be sharing the patterns for the two smaller Om Noms sometime.  The only stitch used is single crochet.  The smaller one is easier, but the Chomper Nom (as I affectionately call it) is not super hard either.

The Om Noms and I hope you have a good day!

~ The Cogaroo ~


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