Barbie Winter Princess Dress

Bonjour everyone!

I have another pattern to share today.  It’s a Barbie dress, as you can tell from the title of this post.  I love making clothes for Barbies, especially fancy ball gowns.  This one is pretty easy to make.  You do need to know how to decrease, which I will describe below.

Edited to Add:  Thank you to Sharon for pointing out an error in the pattern.  It is fixed as of 12/3/12.

Barbie “Winter Princess” Dress


  • H (5.00 MM) hook
  • I (5.50 MM) hook
  • J (6.00 MM) hook
  • DK weight yarn
  • Bouclé yarn for edging

Pattern Notes:

The joining method is the same for every round, so I haven’t written it out in the pattern.

Rnd 1 would be: Ch 2, start in the next stitch and work *dc 7, dc2tog* 8 times.  Your last stitch (the 2nd half of the decrease) will be made in the slip stitch of the previous round.

For a single crochet, chain 1 at the start of the round.  The rest is the same.

If you have a preferred method for joining your rounds, go ahead and use that.  It won’t really affect the finished product.

Special Stitches:

Double crochet two together (dc2tog):  YO, insert hook into 1st st, YO, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook).  YO, pull through 2 loops (2 loops on hook.)  YO, insert hook into 2nd st, YO, pull up a loop (4 loops on hook). YO, pull through 2 loops (3 loops on hook).  Finally, YO and pull through all 3 loops.  Double crochet decrease completed.


With H hook and DK weight yarn:

Ch 63, join with a slip stitch to 1st ch form ring, being careful not to twist chain.

Rnd 1: *Dc 7, dc2tog* 8 times.

Rnd 2:  Dc 1 in each st around.

Rnd 3:  *Dc 6, dc2tog* 8 times.

Rnd 4:  Dc 1 in each st around.

Rnd 5:  *Dc 5, dc2tog* 8 times.

Rnd 6:  Dc 1 in each st around.

Rnd 7:  *Dc 4, dc2tog* 8 times.

Rnd 8: Dc 1 in each st around.

Rnd 9:  *Dc 3, dc2tog* 8 times.

Rnds 10-11: Dc 1 in each st around.

Rnd 12:  *Dc 2, dc2tog* around.

Rnds 13-14: Dc 1 in each st around.

Rnd 15:  *Dc 6, dc2tog* around.

Rnds 16-18: Sc 1 in each st around.

Change to size I (5.50 MM) Hook, still using DK weight yarn.

Rnds 19-29: Sc 1 in each st around.

Fasten off.


Use size J hook and bouclé yarn.

For the edging, we will be single crocheting around the bottom of the dress.  With bouclé yarn, the ‘wrong side’ or backs of the stitches is the fuzziest side.  For this dress, I wanted the fuzziness to be visible when the doll was wearing it, so I crocheted around the inside rim of the dress when edging it.

So, join the yarn to the bottom of the dress, underneath the chain and between the stitches.  (It’s easier than going under one loop only and gives a different look to it.)  Sc 1 in each space around.  Then join with a sl st and fasten off.

For the top edging:  Single crochet around like you did for the bottom, making sure that the ‘wrong side’ is facing out.  Slip stitch to join.  The place where your hook is now is going to be the back.  Chain 8 and sk about 7 sts.  Sl st to the next st.  Chain 8 again, sk 7-ish sts, and sl st to the next st.  There will be several stitches in between the straps at the back.  You might need to frog some and redo it.  These instructions are approximate!

I hope that you enjoy this pattern!


12 thoughts on “Barbie Winter Princess Dress

  1. carol says:

    Love the dress!! I also like to make the evening gowns, especially in thread. When I make them in yarn they seem to be too bulky until I read that you could pull apart the yarn to make it thinner. I’m going to try that as soon as Christmas is over, been so busy. Am looking forward to more patterns, great job, some of us can’t afford to buy patterns, so kind people like yourself is a godsend. Merry Christmas!! Thank You!!


    • The Cogaroo says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Carol! You must have a lot of patience to make evening gowns with thread. I’m so glad that people enjoy my patterns. Merry Christmas to you as well!


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